Apple in court amid a new era for data: Business Extra podcast

The long-promised new era of technology is taking shape, from the quantum computing race between nations to the battle over fair competition being fought in a US court between Apple and Epic Games.

While the future remains uncertain, developments in recent days and months reveal a path that will change the way consumers and companies interact with each other online and who the guardians will be of our digital lives.

This week, host Mustafa Alrawi, assistant editor-in-chief, and co-host Kelsey Warner, Future editor, explain the state of play and the themes to watch: the incoming deep tech wave, the UAE’s investment in cryptographic “sovereignty” and Apple’s new data privacy rules.

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In this episode

  • Growing awareness of data (0m 40s)
  • The deep tech wave (2m 06s)
  • The new threat landscape (6m 13s)
  • Apple's stand on privacy (9m 57s)
  • Apple v Epic (13m 44s)