Peace in Egypt is vital for region

As violence reignites in Cairo and across the country, a reader calls for calm. Other topics: Emiratisation, an Indian tragedy and a controversial video.

As protests break out once again in Egypt, a reader says all parties must pursue peace. Amr Nabil / AP
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Balanced view of challenges faced by job hunters

I would like to congratulate Mohammed Sultan Janahi on the excellent perspective shown in his opinion article, Emiratis on job hunts: get up, dress up and show up (August 16).

The article offers an honest view of the situation.

However, I would like to add "speak up" to that list of verbs.

Too often, ambitious and motivated people are afraid to venture opinions or stray from the accepted norms.

They can "sit on their hands" during debates and lack the confidence to stride out with independent thought.

Everybody should be encouraged to develop individualistic, original thought.

Maggie Hannan, Abu Dhabi

It was very refreshing to read an article like this, instead of reading that unemployment is entirely the fault of the private sector.

David Pryce, Dubai

Video outrage is out of proportion

I refer to Gym apologises for 'offensive' advert (August 16).

All this controversy is free publicity for the gym. I recommend that everybody forget about this video and concentrate on better things.

N Smale, Dubai

Pune earned its place in history

It was very thoughtful of The National to publish Highlighting the heroes of India's freedom fight (August 17) on the occasion of Indian Independence Day.

Pune (erstwhile Poona) has always occupied a place of pride in the history of India's struggle for independence.

For nearly two-and-a-half centuries the Maratha empire, with its capital in Pune, was at the forefront of efforts to fight and drive out the invaders - first the Moguls and then the British.

In the last century it emerged as a seat of learning and has continued as such.

It has also come to be known as "pensioners' paradise" thanks to its excellent social culture, climate and topography.

True to its tradition of changing with the times, Pune is now a major industrial town, an internationally famous IT hub and a very large supplier of software engineers.

CS Pathak, Dubai

Peace in Egypt vital for region

The situation in Egypt is extremely challenging (50 killed in Cairo clashes, August 17).

Cairo is burning and it is disturbing that the bloodbath has been continuing with no serious steps by either side to restore peace.

The silence on the part of many other countries is also worrying.

The mass killings of civilians have clearly proven the influence of antisocial elements in Egypt and the absence of a responsible administration.

The unrest might escalate further, as the country continues to face security threats from within, especially in the densely populated cities such as Cairo.

Egypt has been in the grip of violence ever since Hosni Mubarak was ousted from office.

It has become a real challenge for any administration to work towards the nation regaining its lost glory.

Egypt's return to normality is crucial for the entire region.

It's high time for the world's big powers to make a serious effort to bring peace in Egypt.

At the same time, let's hope that what happened in Cairo last week will never be repeated.

Ramachandran Nair, Oman

I am concerned that some foreign media outlets have not told the whole truth about the violence in Egypt.

Many newspapers have not reported that Muslim Brotherhood members have killed civilians and police officers, and burnt churches.

The Brotherhood's demonstrations were not peaceful.

Ola Sayed, Dubai

Thoughts with victims' families

I am writing in reference to All 18 crew feared dead in submarine fireball (August 15).

The cause of the two explosions on INS Sindhurakshak in Mumbai has not yet been established, but at least it seems sabotage has been ruled out.

Hopefully, the cause will be known shortly.

In the meantime, I am praying for the victims and their grieving families.

K Ragavan, India