No sense to Netflix block

Netflix VPN ban outrages UAE citizens (March 9) makes an important point about the service.

House of Cards season 4 was blocked in the UAE. This is stupid, as it just encourages piracy. J Paul, Dubai

I can’t take it any more. I have cancelled my subscription to Netflix. What is the point when you can’t watch any decent shows?

Latisha Raymen, Dubai

Reckless drivers should go to jail

Your editorial, The dark side of Dubai's fast car obsession (March 9), raised some interesting issues.

I am terribly sorry for what happened, but the driver’s bad decision has destroyed his family and three others.

This incident illustrates why reckless drivers on public roads should be jailed immediately. There are no excuses for risking others people’s lives.

May they all rest in peace.

Luca Cima, Dubai

People caught doing such high speeds should get jail time, not fines. There should be no exceptions.

If you can afford a supercar, paying a fine won’t be a big deal.

Ghassan Younisam, Dubai

I think it’s important to highlight this story for drivers who speed.

It is not only those in the young age bracket who do this.

Dina Tarek, Dubai

It’s all about how you drive. Every day, drivers face different problems.

You should never expect driving on the road to be like it is on a games console.

Mohamed Asham, Abu Dhabi

I think The National's website should stop publishing videos of people driving recklessly.

If you're very concerned about people copying "spectacular driving videos" filmed on closed roads, such as the recent Ken Block one, then simply stop promoting them. Jasem Al Dhaheri, Al Ain

Strategies to cure jet lag

Your editorial on coping with jet lag (Jet set's just reward?, March 8) was interesting.

When I fly in from western Canada, I sleep until my watch says it is 11am in the UAE.

Then I stay awake until I arrive at my apartment. I never have any problems.

Owen Neale, Abu Dhabi

My solution to jet lag is to drink a lot of water when I am on the plane. Najla Daair, Dubai

Tennis star is a role model

I am responding to your editorial, Sharapova and the need to clean up tennis (March 9).

You can’t make exceptions for one and an example of another. Many young people look to sports stars such as Maria Sharapova to set them a positive example.

What kind of message would it send if she faced no punishment? Yes, people make mistakes, but she knew that her celebrity status put her in a special position.

If she escaped without punishment, others would say: “Well, Maria didn’t get into trouble ...”

JS David, United States

All sport needs to be clean. If not, then it’s not sport, it’s just a business.

Name withheld by request

Patriotism comes easily

I refer to Patriotism and belonging at heart of national service, youth minister says (March 9).

Every country on Earth inculcates a culture that is reflected by its citizens.

For the UAE, it’s this distinctive sense of patriotism and belonging to one big extended family. It is evident in both the youth and their elders.

Name withheld by request

Mixed views on field trips

The regulations regarding student excursions seem like overkill to me (Safety first reason of ban on school field trips, says Adec, March 8).

Adec should not be micromanaging in such a way – unless there are specific schools that they’re concerned about because of past issues.

Dave Pryce, Dubai

In the United Kingdom, schools also have to jump through hoops to get school trips authorised in terms of health and safety, risk assessment and so on. Why should the UAE be any different?

Name withheld by request