Kurdistan has earned the right to independence

A readers says Kurdistan deserves full autonomy from Iraq. Other topics: traffic accidents, fasting, Frozen parties and malls.

A street vendor in Erbil holds banners depicting Kurdistan pesident Massud Barzani and Iraqi president Jalal Talabani before Iraqi elections in April. A reader says it is time for Iraqi Kurds to get full independence. Safin Hamed / AFP
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I am writing in reference to Michael Young's commentary, As Iraq fractures, is this the start of regional collapse? (July 3), and other recent articles regarding ­independence for Kurdistan.
It's high time that the Kurds - more than 20 million people living in their ancient homeland forming a united geographic entity but divided between Iraq, Iran, Turkey and Syria after the First World War - take up their natural right to self-determination.
For centuries, and particularly in the last century, the Kurds have seen nothing but persecution, ­annihilation and neglect. The catalogue of abuse and destruction is well-known and recorded for those who care to know.
For the first time in the history of this downtrodden country, it has the opportunity of self-rule. This started in 1990 in Iraq - and look what the Kurds in Iraq have achieved among the turmoil that has befallen the region since 2003.
After a bumpy start, they have created an open, democratic and prosperous enclave in Iraq that ­deserves admiration and support.
The Turks have realised that developing relations with Iraqi Kurdistan over the past 10 years has done them nothing but good, even helped to solve their own Kurdish problem with the Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK), which has agreed to a ceasefire and peace talks.
It's such a pity that America continues its fumbling policies in the Middle East and does not have the courage to support its friends.
Iraq has not worked for the 100 years since its creation. It's high time for an amicable divorce and self-rule for the Kurds.
Shamal Karim, Abu Dhabi
Credit where it's due for Dubai
Residents embrace spirit of giving to help UAE Water Aid appeal (June 30) explains that two Dubai residents have donated large sums of money - Dh100,000 and Dh200,000 - to a worthy cause.
I find it weird that whenever there is news about Dubai spending money in other ways, everyone comes in and bashes Dubai.
But there is never a nice comment when someone in Dubai does something good.
Faisal Abdalla, Dubai
Traffic accidents occur too often
I am writing about the subject of traffic accidents (Major crash on Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Road in Sharjah, July 1).
It never ceases to amaze me how some people drive.
If you want to drive too fast on a remote road and kill yourself, then so be it. But stop putting my family and others at risk.
JC Barnard, Umm Al Quwain
These accidents seem to happen daily. I don't understand why they cannot be stopped.
Adrian Holman, Dubai
Education key to sensible fasting
I am responding to comments published online about Surge in people ­needing treatment for stomach ­issues ­because of overeating at iftar (July 2).
I agree that many people have not been properly educated about Ramadan fasting.
I think that people should be told how to manage their health during the holy month.
S Zahid, US
Frozen party is one example of excess
People who commented about the story Dubai parents pay up to Dh500,000 for children's parties themed on Disney's Frozen (July 1). should not assume that it is referring only to Emiratis.
I know of an Italian lady in Dubai who bought a Fendi doghouse for Dh20,000.
Name withheld by request
Give to charity, please. That would teach your children far more in the long-term.
Monica Carver, Dubai
How many malls makes too many?
I refer to plans for yet another mall in the UAE (Nakheel appoints architects for new mall at Deira ­Islands in Dubai, June 30).
Planners should start thinking about other ways to offer people public places.
Omar Jaramillo, Germany
How many malls does one place need? Another huge indoor theme park would be nice.
Andrea Nelson, UK
Support for the US ambassador
I am writing in reference to the article about Michael Corbin, Report criticises US ambassador to UAE (July 2).
The opinions attributed to "internal sources" seem to me to be quite far from the reality of the person we have come to know as a wonderful representative of the United States.
Mohamed Kanoo, Abu Dhabi