Investigate the incident of animal cruelty

Readers express outrage over the killing of a kitten. Other topics: Sharjah deaths, UAE's security

Readers call for enforcement of animal protection laws. Fatima Al Marzouqi / The National
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I thank Nisansala for trying to save the kitten and The National for informing the public about the incident of animal cruelty (Kitten thrown out of taxi window in Dubai, October 25). It is illegal, immoral and repugnant and the perpetrators should be jailed.

I hope that the police can absolutely pull CCTV footage to obtain details about this crime and act of violent disregard for life – and should then follow it up with criminal charges and conviction of the suspects.

It is well documented that violent killers and serial murdering psychopaths start out as animal abusers.

Aside from our moral and religious duty to protect animals, we have a broader responsibility to society to stop those who disrespect life.

I urge the authorities to launch an investigation into this and other reported cases of animal cruelty or it will only get worse.

Elan Fabbri, Dubai

What is wrong with people? Also, again, a taxi was involved in a pointless act of cruelty. I thought taxis didn’t allow animals in them.

Lisa Justice, Dubai

I wonder whether cruelty to animals has increased here or just that such cases are now being reported. In any case, it’s not a sign of a healthy society.

This is not just about education or the lack of it. It’s the mentality that is scary.

I wonder why so many people enjoy torturing animals. Instead of throwing the kitten from a running car, it could be left at a safe place somewhere in a residential area, where it could have survived.

Research shows that such tendencies increase the risk of homicidal behaviour in an individual. It’s time these issues are taken seriously.

Sarah M, Abu Dhabi

These incidents leave me feeling infuriated and disgusted. It is disappointing that many so-called educated people enjoy torturing animals. I humbly request people not to harm these helpless creatures. This sort of behaviour is unacceptable and those who have done this must be ashamed of their act.

Fatima Suhail, Sharjah

This country desperately needs to enforce animal protection laws.

Mihaela Elhaj, Dubai

The offenders need to be arrested, fined and sent to prison. We have a law and we need it enforced. If a child were thrown out of the car window, there would have been an investigation. We have a great welfare law.

Name withheld by request

Sharjah deaths are shocking

I was shocked to know about the death of Ameera bin Karam, her mother and her sister (UAE women's pioneer among three killed in Sharjah house fire, October 24). How did the fire start? Were they all asleep? The incident must have happened at night. Nothing has been said about any of that.

Angela Alstad, Abu Dhabi

This is such a sad incident. Her memory will live in all the amazing things she did.

Tanya Milbourne, Abu Dhabi

I offer condolences to Bin Karam’s family and the community. She was a wonderful lady and a great inspiration. Her light lives on in my heart.

Satchitananda Ma, Dubai

Security experts set an example

I refer to the news report Man who planned to 'kill foreigners with bomb' is jailed in Abu Dhabi (October 24). On countless occasions, our security and counter-terrorism experts have foiled potential acts of terrorism.

Our security forces serve as a textbook example for other countries in this region and beyond in this regard.

Name withheld by request