Introduction of emergency fees is fair, but …

A readers praises the initiative to include emergency fees in car insurance premiums. Other topics: politicians, animals, power of mind, travel warning

A reader applauds the move to include emergency fees in car insurance premiums. Jaime Puebla / The National
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The introduction of ambulance fees in motor insurance is a brilliant initiative (Car insurance premiums could rise as emergency fees imposed, February 28). It is clear to see that fining people has been no deterrent to date.

Let’s hope the authorities can work out who caused the 40-car pile-up in fog to apportion blame or perhaps they should just charge all of the 40 drivers for the number of ambulances required at the scene.

However, there are always people out there who like to sabotage a bright idea. For example, when an accident is reported, the victim may request an ambulance even if one is not really needed just to get back at the person who caused the accident (unfortunately there are vindictive people in society). How can this be avoided?

Name withheld by request

Travel warning is unfortunate

Emiratis and Lebanese have reasons to be sad over the travel warning (Emirati and Lebanese residents alike saddened by travel ban, February 25). I've travelled to the Middle East. It's beautiful in every respect. I've been to the UAE and attended a beautiful wedding in Beirut. These issues will affect tourism, while individuals who have friends and families in these countries will suffer.

I wish for peace in the region. It’s such an important part of our world.

Tim Lee, Canada

Animals need attention too

There's always a bunch of people ready to criticise any worthwhile attempt to help animals (In Taez, zoo animals starve in a city shattered by Yemen's war, February 26).

They always try to divert attention away from animals to claim that humans come first (these are the people who usually haven’t ever lifted a thumb to help anyone).

Yes, humans need help. But animals need it more, because their very habitat has been taken away from them. I hope these poor animals are airlifted out of Yemen, to other zoos where they can thrive.

Sanchita Guha, Dubai

Trump has ambitious goals

The political elite are a global establishment who use the citizenry of the West as tools (Imagine if Johnson and Trump ruled the world, February 26).

Donald Trump is a true threat to the established order – if his insurgency takes him to the presidency, he may, perhaps, be able to claw back some power and real political choice to the citizenry for a time. If he could truly establish a new order – not the new world order or one world government to which the citizens of western nations are now enslaved – Mr Trump will be one for the ages. Winning the presidency would be the first step of a long journey if that were to happen.

Britain should be so lucky to have Boris Johnson be such as Mr Trump, he seems rather less ambitious in his goals, but then I know very little about the man.

If Mr Johnson and Mr Trump, however, turned out to be two greats of like mind, perhaps the vipers that have slithered their way to the top of social control could be driven out, ushering in a new opportunity for genuine representative government for a civil society.

Mr Trump and Mr Johnson: to make Churchill and Roosevelt look small is greatly to be wished in these seeming epoch end times of western civilisation.

Name withheld by request

Comparison method not fair

I refer to the article Comparing Emirates, Lufthansa, United Airlines business class there's a clear winner (February 24). I think a real comparison would have been to take the same route on different airlines and then judged each one.

This bizarre method makes no sense at all.

Amber Gill, Dubai

Far be it from me to defend United Airlines, but it’s a little unfair to compare United’s oldest plane on a mid-haul flight to Emirates’ newest, and Lufthansa recently upgraded business in long haul.

Aaron Reese, Dubai