Helpless taxi drivers deserve our sympathy

A reader expresses sympathy for taxi drivers. Other topics: motorway, Domino's Pizza, maid abuse, Motor World

A reader expresses concern for cabbies who are compelled to work extra hours. Ravindranath K / The National
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These poor taxi drivers really are caught between a rock and a hard place (Abu Dhabi cabbies break pickup law to meet target, October 13). They have to face angry owners and angry passengers ­– all for a few hundred dirhams a day. I hope their lot can be improved, somehow.

Clare L'Estrange, Abu Dhabi

Motorway marks a milestone

The motorway linking Oman and Saudi Arabia that has been built through the Empty Quarter is a milestone (Taming the Empty Quarter with a full tank of petrol, October 6).

The harsh work conditions, the extreme temperatures and the nature of the desert and its unpredictability would have made this task all the more challenging for the workers. The efforts of these construction workers are highly praiseworthy.

Fatima Suhail, Sharjah

Doubts over Domino’s Pizza

Will Domino's Pizza become popular in Italy (The Domino's effect, October 13)? I think people will try it out of curiosity. The smart ones will go back to traditional Italian pizza. Children and teenagers will keep on eating it just because it's "cooler" (since it's an American thing).

However, it won’t surprise me if Domino’s Pizza will taste better there than it does here. They will probably adjust it to European/ Italian taste (just like everything else). Even McDonald’s burgers taste different in Italy.

Stefania John Fusini, Dubai

I don’t think Domino’s will do well in Italy. I hate it almost as much as Papa John’s. Maybe the young ones who want to do something American will go for it, as will simple-minded tourists.

There is a reason why there isn’t one Starbucks in Italy. They know they shouldn’t compete with the good Italian coffee.

Sheena T Green, US

Outrage over attack on maid

Regarding the story Amid outrage over Saudi maid attack, India mulls ban on workers (October 12), if people are employed in the service industry, then there should be fair pay. They should also be respected. No man or woman should hit another person ever.

As for rape, mutilation and torture, the perpetrator should receive the maximum punishment and their names and character must be exposed. The victim should be compensated financially and receive lifelong psychological care at the expense of the perpetrator.

Mental scars that are the result of trauma never heal. I wish the Indian lady gets comfort and love. It is truly heartbreaking. Please name the man and report on his appropriate punishment.

Angela HG, UK

Motor World is an odd place

Motor World is certainly a strange place (Motor World car dealers unhappy with services, October 11). It's difficult to find, and after a long drive out of town you're presented with a bunch of desperate used-car dealers sitting by the roadside outside their dealerships with coffee pots, waving for you to pull over just in case you might buy something.

There’s hardly anywhere to park because there are so many unsold cars everywhere. Try to go into any dealer and they jump on you and follow you around waiting for you to choose a car right there and then.

You can’t blame them; they are desperate to make a sale. But in the end the atmosphere gets a bit oppressive and you end up leaving and taking the long drive home.

James De Vile, Abu Dhabi