Young people could soon return to their classrooms

Our readers have their say on the pros and cons of pupils and students heading back to class, John Bolton's book and Queen Rania's take on Arabic food

Dubai, United Arab Emirates - Reporter: N/A. News. Stock. General View of school bus' in Dubai. Monday, June 15th, 2020. Dubai. Chris Whiteoak / The National
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With regard to Coronavirus: UAE considers plan to reopen nurseries, schools and universities (June 22): I agree with this. It is time to open up schools and universities.

Sarah Ali Chaudhry, Abu Dhabi

Good, I hope this materialises. Let them get back to proper learning. They haven't picked up a pen for three months!

Luci Fairbrother, Dubai

If we adults have the privilege to go to restaurants, malls and gyms again, doing any activity we like again then I think the children (who are much less vulnerable to this virus than us) should have the right to education, a social life and a routine again. The little ones suffered the most from this whole crisis. Let's be cautious and careful but let us learn how to live with the virus.

Martina Venus, Dubai 

Given the trend of cases, we might even be celebrating zero new cases in a month or a little more. So this seems like a good plan. And of course they will move the dates if things go in the wrong direction.

Mohammed Al Edroos, Dubai

Universities absolutely should reopen. Students are old enough to follow safety instructions. As a teacher, I would not want the responsibility of keeping a class of young pupils with masks on, socially distanced, looking after their hygiene, as well as teaching meaningful lessons. With lower numbers, more is possible, but then you need more teachers. There is a lot to be considered. Of course, parents don’t have to send their children in yet if they don’t want to.

Samantha Attfield, Johor Bahru, Malaysia

Perfect! They need school for their mental health.

Cecile Atta, Abu Dhabi 

John Bolton didn't have to wait to tell all in a book

With reference to Hussein Ibish's op-ed John Bolton's book has no shockers, but is the writing on the wall for Donald Trump? (June 21): it's a pity he didn't speak under oath when it would've helped instead of waiting to publish his book.

Laura Wilson, Dubai

All this controversy works for Donald Trump. One can foresee another term in office for him. There doesn't seem to be any chance that Joe Biden will make it as president.

Randall Mohammed, Dubai

Royalty champions healthy food and women's causes 

With reference to Emma Day's article Queen Rania: 'I like my children to see Arabic food on the table' (June 22): she's a lovely queen – very active and always supporting women.

Lannosh Ammari, Amman, Jordan