Why is it so difficult for job seekers to find employment?

Job seekers Pic by Reuters
Job seekers Pic by Reuters

I refer to your news story Emiratis hit barrier to job hunt success (December 10). Nepotism at the executive level is lethal. It hinders growth opportunities for those who truly deserve the spot.

Syed H Gohar, Abu Dhabi

According to my experience, private companies are hiring job seekers, if they have a good command of English and a decent set of skills. Unfortunately, most people want to work in the government sector. In my opinion this all needs planning. We should give our children education in the fields that are in demand.

Aia Baloshi, Abu Dhabi

On Jerusalem and the US president’s curious decision

In reference to Hussein Ibish’s column in Sunday’s paper, Why did Trump make his Jerusalem decision? Domestic politics yield a clue (December 10).

I think the writer is probably correct in describing the US president’s rationale for deciding to recognise Jerusalem as Israel’s capital.

It seems Mr Trump either lacks a basic understanding of US interests in the Middle East or he simply doesn’t care because he has other priorities, as Ibish suggests. Both instances are problematic.

DT Debye, Dubai

Trump’s approval rating is down to 32 per cent. He has to do something to get it back, but this isn’t the way. Looking after his own people in his own country is far more likely to improve his standing, rather than inciting war in other regions of the world.

Phil Jones, Dubai

It’s a diversion. He always needs a diversion from the Russia saga. The last couple of months have been beyond anything one would see even in the best movie drama.

Chika Marie, Abu Dhabi

Decades of hope have been shattered by the decision. Palestinians are upset and certainly Israel will no doubt react in violent terms. This dramatic development will have a deep impact on the Middle East.

K Ragavan, India

That was a heinous attack on peacekeepers in DR Congo

I refer to your news story Worst attack on UN in recent history kills 15 peace keepers in DR Congo (December 10). This spate of incidents must be condemned in the strongest possible terms. Peace keepers and aid workers are doing important work, attacking them is completely unacceptable.

Name withheld by request

I suspect the hard work has only just begun in Iraq

In reference to your story Job to eradicate ISIL isn’t over yet (December 10). I would pose one question in response: have the underlying political and economic conditions in Iraq and Syria that led to the rise of ISIL been adequately addressed?

Name withheld by request

Published: December 10, 2017 06:37 PM


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