UAE’s philanthropic attitude offers welcome relief

Our readers have their say on Kerala, Omarosa and speeding tickets

This picture taken on August 18, 2018 shows a view of a flooded area in the north part of Kochi, in the Indian state of Kerala. - Rescuers waded into submerged villages in southern India on August 19 in a desperate search for survivors cut off for days by floods that have already killed more than 350 people. (Photo by STR / AFP)
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In response to your online story Kerala flooding death toll crosses 350 (August 19), Samanth Subramanian's article on the ongoing crisis in the Indian state of Kerala was saddening to read. Kerala has witnessed the heaviest rains and more damage this century than it has in decades.

The initiative of UAE President Sheikh Khalifa in ordering the formation of a committee to assist the relief work in Kerala was heartening. The UAE has more overseas workers from India than anywhere else and many of them are from Kerala. It is natural for the UAE’s leaders to offer a helping hand. The UAE is known for its philanthropic attitude towards countries around the world, irrespective of religion. This is an uplifting and appreciated gesture.

K Ragavan, Bengaluru

Every Indian is praying for our brothers and sisters in Kerala. Like everything, this too shall pass but the wounds of devastation will take time to heal. Heal they will nonetheless. We all are praying for you.

Shanti Kanaka, Thanjavur

Let the recording show Omarosa had an agenda

With reference to your story Omarosa saga: Trump labels former female White House aide a 'dog' (August 14), for a woman who claims to have resigned, she revealed her hand with her audio recordings. I believe she was fired politely, respectfully and definitely appropriately. When someone who knows you aren't supposed to have equipment and record conversations in the White House, they have an agenda and it's not a good one.

Sam Anderson, Dubai

You got a fast car but not a ticket to anywhere

In reference to your article Dubai tourist who racked up Dh175,000 in fines in rented Lamborghini finally pays speeding tickets (August 16), I fail to understand what the driver was thinking. The UAE roads are not a Formula One racetrack. I am certain that the driver is educated and had seen the cameras flashing while he was speeding on the highway.  This seems to me an utterly intentional negligence on his part. It is behaviour like this that means many motorists do not abide by the traffic laws and risk the lives of themselves as well as other innocent drivers.

Despite laws in place, some drivers simply do not think. If you need to have fun, the best place to head is Dubai Autodrome. The amount he racked up is not a small amount. I completely blame the driver and the rental car company for not taking preventive measures before handing over the car to the driver.

We live in a world where hi-tech systems are all connected.This should be an eye-opener for every rental company to learn from. Those who commit a mistake must pay the fines. For shame.

Mathew Litty, Dubai