The new five-year visas will be especially great for families of residents

Our readers have their say on new visa regulations, the fires in Australia and meritocracy

Dubai airport. Courtesy Dubai Airports 
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With regard to Ramola Talwar Badam and Nick Webster's report UAE unveils first multi-entry five-year tourist visas (January 6): more details would be appreciated. When will the new visas come into play and is there a cost? What is the maximum one can stay in the country under this visa? Can you leave and enter on the same day and restart the visa limit or only during certain windows, for example, between day 35-39 like in the case of US and UK passport holders?

Suzanne Arruda, Dubai

Well done, Dubai. Great leadership behind this amazing city!

Joumana Saoud, Dubai

Employees should be rewarded or reprimanded depending on merit

With regard to Daniel Sanderson's report Sheikh Mohammed's pledge to sack failing Dubai officials to bring 'private sector culture' to government

(January 7).

I agree with this initiative. Jobs should be awarded on merit not according to the nationality, skin colour, sex or religion of the employee.

Name withheld by request

Australia fires are devastating to watch

With regard to Australia fires: four maps and graphics that reveal the scale of the crisis (January 6): I'm a proud Aussie, an ex volunteer firefighter and have spent time in many of the worst affected areas. It's truly devastating and sadly there seems to be no end in sight. This will forever change Australia

Darren Banner, Abu Dhabi

The fires in Eastern Australia have caused so much destruction and loss of life that it is hard to imagine anything positive coming from this.

There is some wisdom to be gained from fighting these fires that will help in the future to prevent reoccurrences. There is a need to reduce the fuel load, as the aboriginal people have always done, by burning it when it is safe to do so. There must be a number of ways of getting in and out of towns as escape by water using the navy is a last choice option. Information must be made available, which can be difficult when the electrical supply is down and mobile phones don't work. Preparation is vital.

The good that comes from this is the willingness of so many people to help from politicians to Army reservists, who are basically volunteers. They will support the firefighters, most of whom are also volunteers, giving up their work and income to face danger supporting their neighbours and strangers. The money offered by Prime Minister Scott Morrison will help to support the efforts of these volunteers and provide resources that they need.

The real worry, however, is that you will be reading more articles of fires in Australia over the southern summer.

Dennis Fitzgerald, Melbourne