Stephen Hawking defied the odds to achieve global fame

Readers discuss Tillerson, Netanyahu, Saudi Arabia and the Sharjah-Istanbul plane crash

FILE - MARCH 14: Renowned British Physicist Stephen Hawking has passed away at his home in Cambridge, March 14, 2018. LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM - MAY 29: Queen Elizabeth II meets Professor Stephen Hawking (R) during a reception for Leonard Cheshire Disability in the State Rooms, St James's Palace on May 29, 2014 in London, England. (Photo by Jonathan Brady - Pool / Getty Images)
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Please refer to your online article Stephen Hawking dies aged 76 (March 14). Quite apart from being a great scientist and a brilliant mind, Stephen Hawking showed us that illness and disability cannot thwart achievement. Though he spent most of his life in a wheelchair crippled by ALS, he nonetheless achieved global fame and recognition.

Rajendra Aneja, Dubai

How will Trump’s team react to Tillerson’s departure?

In reference to your article Trump sacks Tillerson and replaces him with CIA director (March 13), the recent sacking of Secretary of State Rex Tillerson is the latest dramatic development to come out of the White House. While Mr Trump's methods may not be palatable, he has consistently shown that his decisions are final. It will be very interesting now to see how the decision will be viewed by his team. Will they welcome it, or fear for their own jobs?

K Ragavan, Bengaluru

This was expected and inevitable. Two swords cannot be put into one scabbard.

Name withheld by request

There will be no let up from the misery of Netanyahu

In reference to your article Netanyahu in emergency talks amid Israel coalition crisis (March 11): with the leaders of powerful democracies and dictatorships the world over doing whatever they can to desperately hold onto power, I highly doubt we will see any sort of change in the Israeli regime.

Shayan Islam, Bangladesh

Public transport currently unprepared for Saudi tourism

I write in reference to your article With Saudi tourist visas imminent, here are the top 10 sights to see in the Kingdom (March 12), one thing Saudi Arabia needs to do to support these tourist visas is increase public transport provision. For tourists and backpackers, it is very difficult and expensive to travel within cities like Jeddah using buses, taxis or rented cars.

Baim Sanjaya, Jeddah

Where are the parents when youngsters misbehave?

Regarding your article Teenager 'stabs security guard to enter Jennifer Lopez's concert in Dubai' (March 13), it has nothing to do with the music, but the upbringing of these children. If you don't discipline your child, someone else will.

Joe Khachoyan, Beirut

Pause in the future before you buy fake designer products

I write in reference to your article Fake trainers and luxury bags among Dh1 billion worth of goods seized in Dubai (March 13). Raids like these discourage the networks that move handbags today, and perhaps something darker tomorrow.

Name withheld by request

Plane crash was so unfair and so painfully tragic

In reference to your article Family mourn Sharjah-Istanbul plane crash victims (March 12), this is so sad. These women's lives were ended at the moment when they were so happy.

Victoria Khinchagov, Dubai