School days must be shorter for teachers during Ramadan

Our readers have their say about Baghdadi, food allergies, Game of Thrones and Ramadan

Dubai, United Arab Emirates - February 14, 2019: General views of Delhi Private School. Rahhal programme is in its second phase and heads of schools are discussing the challenges it faces. Thursday the 14th of February 2019 at The Gardens, Jebel Ali, Dubai. Chris Whiteoak / The National
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I write in reference to your article Dubai to shorten school day to five hours this Ramadan (April 28). I believe this is a great initiative, as it will ease things for students who are fasting. However I think this new rule should also apply to teachers who work just as hard during Ramadan, and often must continue working from home, long after their shifts are over, to mark homework and prepare for upcoming lessons.

Selma Roisin, Abu Dhabi

ISIS is crushed and Baghdadi desperate for media attention

I write to you in reference to Joyce Karam's article US trying to confirm authenticity of Baghdadi video (April 30). Every piece of news about ISIS seems to come from the US and is shared by US media with analysis and predictions by Americans on Middle Eastern affairs. I would like to hear more about what Arab countries such as Libya, Iraq and Syria, who witnessed the horrors of ISIS's rule, have to say about Al Baghdadi's latest video.

I am sure there is no need for panic, as the group has been defeated. It is simply trying to flex its muscles, at a time whenit has been clearly diminished.

Evelyn Sapalicio Cruz, Abu Dhabi

Stop consuming milk if you want to avoid food allergies

I write in reference to Shireena Al Nowais's article Food allergies on the rise in the UAE, say doctors (April 29). I think the rise of food allergies has more to do with increased ­consumption of processed food rather than our food being too clean.

Milk is the exception here, of course, because humans are not meant to drink milk after they have been weaned, and we are certainly not meant to be drinking the milk of another species long after that. Only a small percentage of humans have developed the ability to digest lactose, which is the main culprit behind allergy to dairy products.

Said Elbanna, Dubai

Game of Thrones must work on its lighting budget

I write to you in reference to Katy Gillett's article Game of Thrones: Fans complain the Battle of Winterfell in episode three is too dark to see (April 29). I tried watching the episode with a projector, rather than on TV, but I still found it hard to discern anything. It was all the more frustrating as I knew it was a good battle. I was on the edge of my seat the whole time and eager for more entertainment.

Murtada Shabir, Dubai

Personally, I kept switching ­between full brightness and the optimum level on my television screen. I even switched off all the lights in my room but sadly nothing helped. I was not able to see the action properly.

Shahzad Mumtaz Khan, Dubai

It seems Game of Thrones was short on budget for lighting equipment. I enjoyed watching the battle anyway.

Deyza Lee, Dubai