Gulf reconciliation is good for the region

Our readers have their say on harmony in the Gulf, cricket, Norway and mental health
Mountains are reflected on the Mirror Concert Hall, where the 41st Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) is being held, in Al-Ula, Saudi Arabia, Tuesday, Jan. 5, 2021. Qatar's ruling emir arrived in Saudi Arabia to attend the high-level summit of Arab leaders, following an announcement that the kingdom would end its years-long embargo on the tiny Gulf state. (AP Photo/Amr Nabil)

In reference to the report Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman gives Qatar Emir Sheikh Tamim a tour of ancient Al Ula (January 6): that's great. Hopefully this is just the first bit of more good news to come in 2021.

Jaza E Khair, Dubai

Patience and understanding between nations always ends for the good of all.

John Lara, Abu Dhabi

A big thanks to the Kuwait government and its officials for orchestrating peace among the two countries. It shows great statesmanship.

Farvez Mohideen, Kuwait City

This is such good news for all GCC countries. With unity among nations, the region can only grow stronger.

Ip Mohammad, Dubai

This is a wonderful step for Islamic countries. Let's hope it is a harbinger of better times ahead.

Alamin Khan, Sharjah

Stronger ties and peace in the region – great. This is such a heartening development and bodes well for all Gulf nations and the wider world.

Shabeer Hassan, Dubai

Mental health should be covered by insurance

With reference to Nick Webster's article UAE support group's mountain retreat allows men to open up about mental health (January 6): insurance companies ought to start realising that mental health is just as important as covering regular doctor's visits.

Barbara Gass, Abu Dhabi

A much needed step. There is a great need for comprehensive medical insurance, physical and mental. Staff in a number of organisations across the world don't get proper coverage even for important physical issues.

Sammira Mohiadeen, London, UK

UK needs to pick up the governance slack

With reference to Soraya Ebrahimi and Brodie Owen's report England plunges into third lockdown amid fears new rules may still not be enough (January 5): the lockdown is an abomination of governance. Regarding the Scottish National Party, I feel as if next time at this rate I may vote for some Labour candidates I know. These circumstances demonstrate a severe lack of knowledge in what is happening.

Felicity Tait, Paisley, UK

May the best cricket team win

With regard to Paul Radley's report Every win I get, will be for him' - UAE captain Ahmed Raza motivated to honour his late father in one-day series against Ireland (January 5): that's a beautiful thought. Best wishes for our home team against Ireland.

Elize van Wyk, Dubai

Prayers for those missing in Norway landslide

Regarding Simon Rushton's report More bodies found in rubble of Norway landslide (January 2): This is so sad for the families of those found and those still missing in the landslide. Prayers for those missing persons. Hoping the search teams are able to rescue as many people trapped under as possible.

Harold Peterson, Sun City, Arizona