Distance learning is fine for now but teachers prefer teaching their students in person

Our readers have their say on remote learning, the good that came of Earth Hour and the benefits of stellar leadership

DUBAI, UNITED ARAB EMIRATES, March 20, 2015. Students at Level 5 classroom in Al Manar Quran Study Center. Level 5 is the highest in the center, where excelling students from all age groups are brought together.  Photo: Reem Mohammed / The National   *** Local Caption ***  RM_20150320_QURAN_012.jpg
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Regarding Anam Rizvi's report Coronavirus: parents and pupils reflect on first week of digital learning (March 27): I have learnt after my first week of distance teaching that online learning will never be able to replace being a classroom.

Teachers love their students, and love interacting with them. Even when we are not in the classroom interacting with our 30 little humans, we are in staff rooms, meetings, planning periods, all with other people. Teachers are not okay during this isolation period. We miss our kiddos. Teachers want to know that their students are doing okay, both academically and emotionally. We worry about them, constantly (and this applies to both distance teaching and classroom life).

Yes, sure, there are those who can manage learning by themselves. The very few who can grasp and understand concepts easily. But they still miss the social aspect of school. Then you get the average student who sometimes understands and sometimes does not. And the below average kids who struggle with learning. Nothing will ever be able to replace having a teacher by their side. Someone who knows and understands their difficulties. Who is creative enough, patient enough, and caring enough to find ways to teach them. To help them learn. To help them understand. To help them grow into the well-rounded, self-sufficient, well-mannered, caring and compassionate people.

Cara Werneyer, Al Ain

Switching off for Earth Hour was time well spent

Regarding Janice Rodrigues's story What is Earth Hour? Why the UAE will be going dark on Saturday (March 27): my family and I wanted to share that being home bound actually made the event quite exciting. The children got a taste of old-fashioned ways of entertainment – playing board games and telling stories. We seized the moment to remind ourselves how we can do our bit on a daily basis to nurture mother Earth. Looking forward to reading more such stories from the Abu Dhabi community.

Sanobar Sabah, Abu Dhabi

Lucky in these times to have leadership that inspires

I write to you in reference to the report Sheikh Mohamed visits UAE's first mobile Covid-19 test centre (March 28): I want to salute him for being a true leader and setting the right example, even when it comes to something like following traffic rules.

It is an amazing thing for a country to have leadership that citizens and residents can look up to for inspiration, especially in times like these.

Nazid Khan, Al Ain