Jacinda Ardern understood leadership

Our readers have their say on the New Zealand leader stepping down, the Hatta dam and memories of the UAE from the 1970s

Burj Khalifa lit up with a picture of New Zealand's Jacinda Ardern as a tribute from the government and people of United Arab Emirates in the aftermath of the terror attack in Christchurch in 2019.
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In the direction of clean energy

With reference to Nilanjana Gupta's piece First glimpse as Dubai’s hydroelectric plant in Hatta takes shape (January 26): Well done for the clean energy by hydro-electric plant projects. Best wishes and keep up the good work.

Farouk Mukhallalati, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

A trip down memory lane

With reference to John Dennehy's report Jonathan Raban's writings on Dubai and Abu Dhabi take you back to another era (January 25): This brought back memories, especially of the Creek. I was there in '70s as the UAE came into existence and I had the chance to travel widely, across Habshan, a town in Al Gharbia, Tarif, Abu Dhabi, Dubai and Al Ain among others.

Terrance De Brystow, Cambridge, Cambridgeshire

Jacinda Ardern understood leadership

With reference to the report New Zealand's Chris Hipkins to replace Jacinda Ardern as prime minister (January 21): Jacinda Ardern surprised the world by stepping down as the Prime Minister of New Zealand.

It is hard to imagine a politician who would be willing to step down when they realise they don’t have enough in them to lead. She didn’t give up on her responsibilities, she believed someone else could do a better job. Ms Ardern’s departure is also a mental health warning to other politicians who may hang on despite the fact that they don’t have "enough in the tank" to lead.

A leader like her is a dream of every country – empathetic, young and charismatic. The best example of her empathy was when she stood with the Muslims wearing a hijab in support of victims of the Christchurch attack. The country sent a strong message by standing united in grief after the mass shootings.

She is a role model who has shown the world how to balance work and family despite being the head of a country.

Ms Ardern is a strong representative of female leaders who have displayed tremendous courage to lead a nation in an often misogynistic world.

She was tough on the virus and though people would blame her for overdoing it, she did her best and succeeded to reduce deaths from Covid-19. She had to pay the price for her strict measures during the pandemic, but she did everything she could to protect her people. Though her reputation was mixed amongst her countrymen, people outside New Zealand admired her leadership. She also silenced guns through significant gun control legislation. Jacinda-mania may have lost steam, but she took her country to greater heights.

Dr Praveen Sreekanthalal, Abu Dhabi

Published: January 27, 2023, 3:00 AM