The need for free meals at UK schools

Our readers have their say on Zayn Malik asking to extend free meals at UK schools, organ donation and Cop27

First Minister of Wales Mark Drakeford serves lunches during a visit to a school, to begin the roll-out of free school meals for primary school children, in Pembrokeshire, on September 7. PA
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Organ donation is a lifeline

With regard to Shireena Al Nowais's article Double lung transplant recipient in Al Ain tells of joy at second lease of life (November 9): This was a very meaningful story. Amazing to read about the young man Justin Anthony doing so well. Such reports will surely go a long way to convince people to register for organ donation.

The act of wanting to help others live has great power. Donor willingness captures the best of humanity. Others who may be ailing from diseases can get new hope if they get a donor. It is also a lifeline to families of the patient.

That Justin is now healthy and cheerful is laudable, after all the medical stress in his life. Heartening to read about him thanking his doctors. The figures also speak of increasing willingness among the population to sign up. That 400 lives in the UAE and Saudi have been saved is wonderful. It shows the power of organ donation. Unfortunately a lot of people shy away from it but such examples can change thinking. Organ donation campaigns can spread awareness and help people overcome reluctance. Kudos to the UAE and Saudi Arabia for championing such a worthy cause.

K Ragavan, Bengaluru, India

The need for free meals at UK schools

With reference to the report Zayn Malik urges British PM to extend free school meals amid cost-of-living crisis (November 8): I agree with what Zayn Malik said in his letter to Rishi Sunak. It is shameful to let children suffer the indignity of hunger. The UK government should act. And parents too must take full responsibility and make sure children get nutritious meals. Their health and development must be a priority.

Gillian Bell, Dartmouth, UK

With the sort of star power Zayn Malik has and his nearly 47 million social media followers, why not choose a different cause, one that is equally important, but does not get as much attention, like care home vacancies?

Katharina Miller, Norfolk, UK

No time to waste on climate inaction

With reference to Hamza Hendawi's report Cop27: climate conference's 'finance day' yields mixed results (November 9): We repeat another pricey conference, including air travel (fossil fuels). It remains to be seen if countries will get compliance, unity and results. The world needs action, not lip service and excuses. We must do better to preserve our way overcrowded world from being ravaged.

Kerwin Maude, Vancouver, Canada

Published: November 11, 2022, 2:00 AM