Creation vs curation

Would you like to know what music your favourite musical is currently enjoying?

Pop singer Frank Ocean has joined the new trend on Spotify with great results.  Jordan Strauss / Invision / AP Photo
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The changing dynamics of the music industry and the way enthusiasts consume music has resulted in a curious new trend. Musicians are focusing on curation as opposed to creation. Desperate for a closer connection, fans have looked to the power of social media to amplify the music experience.

Music streaming platforms such as Apple Music and Spotify are enabling these experiences by commissioning famous artists to curate exclusive playlists of their favourite music. Pop singer Frank Ocean is the latest musician to join this trend on Spotify with great results.

For those truly inspired by an artist’s musical creations, listening to their influences is an exciting experience. Yet some naysayers fear that as the popularity of these celebrity playlists grow, musicians will stop focusing on creating their own original content. Can there be a happy medium or do you feel that musicians should create rather than curate?