Is Blinken playing the guitar in Kyiv morally wrong?

Our readers have their say on the US Secretary of State's musical talents, Emiratis studying in the UK, the trauma of an Algerian man, an ad hoarding tragedy in Mumbai and a rival cola drink doing great business

US Secretary of State Antony Blinken in Kyiv, Ukraine, on May 14. Reuters
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With reference to the report Blinken's rock performance in Kyiv strikes sour note with some Ukrainians (May 15): Putting Gaza under the rug seems to be the new strategy for Democrats for this upcoming presidential election.

Maurizio Granados, Alberta, Canada

It's amazing in a sad way what the country is becoming. America worked so hard through the centuries to reach where it is and some of the politicians are a true insult for what this country has always stood for.

Susan Hayward, Texas, US

Because of the US's policies, thousands of young people are being killed, on both sides, in a completely meaningless war. Music has its place, even in tragedy. But to play a guitar in the midst of so much destruction when you represent a country that is not blameless in the war, is not easily unjustifiable.

Teresa Monica Calado, New York, US

Emiratis studying in the UK

With regard to Nicky Harley's report Dramatic surge in UAE student applications to study in UK (May 14): It's nice to see that young people from the UAE are shining bright and making the country proud.

Nasrine S Abushakra, Dubai

Trauma of a man found alive in cellar

With regard to Mina Aldroubi's article Omar bin Omran: Algerian man found alive in cellar after more than 25 years (May 16): Every day he used to see his family but couldn't call for help. It must have been very hard for him. I wish him well in recovering from the horror.

Shammu MK, Abu Dhabi

This story is deeply upsetting: being kidnapped by your neighbour and your parents thinking you're dead, for more than two decades, but you can see them from the cellar you're kidnapped in. It's shocking. I hope he gets counselling for the losses and deep trauma he has endured.

Janita P, Kuwait

Mumbai ad hoarding tragedy

With reference to Taniya Dutta's piece At least 14 killed and 74 injured when advertising hoarding collapses in Mumbai storm (May 14): Advertising hoardings should be designed to be sturdy and to withstand wind and heavy rains. The victims families will be compensated but they won't get their loved ones back. Municipalities should better cater to such eventualities, however improbable.

K Ragavan, Bengaluru, India

A rival soft drink brand doing great business

With regard to Neil Halligan's report Coca-Cola and Pepsi rival Palestine Drinks hits multimillion sales ahead of global push (May 12): I don't drink soft drinks because of the high sugar content in all of them but I'm ready to buy these. Can't wait to have them in the UAE.

Natasha Reys, Sharjah

Published: May 17, 2024, 3:00 AM