Abu Dhabi is getting more elegant by the day

Readers weigh in on violence, drugs and more

Abu Dhabi continues to develop in innovative ways, says one reader.
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In reference to your article, Louvre Abu Dhabi vs Burj Khalifa: which is more expensive to live next to? (October 30), I think the Louvre wins hands down in that category, no questions asked. Abu Dhabi is the most gorgeous and most amazing city in the world for me. Love everything about it and can't wait to go to the opening.

Brigitte Tibet von Bulow, Abu Dhabi

Suicide bombers are getting younger in Afghanistan

Your story, Kabul suicide bomber as young as 12 kills four (November 1), was shocking to read. The country's earlier suicide bombers were all much older. This means that ISIL, who claimed responsibility for the attack, chooses young boys to do their dirty work for them. Ever since the invasion by the United States and its allies, Afghans haven't had an inkling of security. Sixteen years later, will life ever return to normal in Afghanistan?

K Ragavan, India

Why carry so many painkillers knowing they are illegal?

I refer to your article, UK woman arrested in Egypt for carrying painkillers (November 4). You would think her Egyptian husband would know that it is illegal to have tramadol in his own country. He should have been carrying his own pain medications. Furthermore, who in the world would need 290 tablets of tramadol, anyway?

Kathie Daniel, Dubai

She either got a prescription for herself in the UK, then took them to give to her husband (which is not allowed if the doctor prescribed them for her) or she brought them into a country in which these drugs are illegal, yet she didn’t know she was doing something wrong? Seems odd.

Dana Kennedy, Ras Al Khaimah

Netanyahu not one to preach about regional menaces

In reference to your article, Netanyahu warns Iran over Mediterranean military bases (November 3), it's funny that the prime minister of Israel is issuing warnings to Iran at a UK think tank when his country's capabilities are more of a menace than anyone else's in the region.

Iffat Malik, Dubai

Britain has much more to atone for than Balfour

I refer to your article, Britain must atone for Balfour Declaration, Abbas says (November 1). Sorry, but atoning for the infamous Balfour Declaration is not enough, Mr Abbas. It won't give me the ability to see my own country.

Mohammad ElShehri, Dubai

If the UK must atone for something signed 100 years ago, then it must give up half of its territories to aggrieved peoples across the world.

Sammie Wai, Dubai

Karmic retribution for those guilty of harassment?

Michael Fallon touched a reporter's knee in 2002 and resigns only now (May calls cross-party leaders' summit to address claims of abuse, November 1)? Needless to say, more such stories will surface in the wake of the Harvey Weinstein scandal and the #metoo Twitter hashtag.

Frank Johansen, Dubai