A Muslim H&M?

It's time for an Islamic fashion brand on the high street of the global village

A Muslim fashion brand will fill a gap in the market.  Bay Ismoyo / AFP
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There’s a decided gap in the market and it’s for a Muslim clothing brand that offers affordable conservative fashion everywhere. It’s not just the UAE, but Muslim countries the world over and modest dressers everywhere else too, would surely flock to stores that reliably offer the demure look with verve and daring. Which is to say, longer skirts, fitted-but-not-figure-hugging tops, three-quarter-length sleeves, as well as burqinis and other essential articles of clothing. As The National has reported, UAE designers are calling for a global Islamic brand to plug the gap.

Why ever not? There are 1.6 billion Muslims, a whopping 23 per cent of the world population, and the Muslim fashion industry is worth an estimated $92 million (Dh3bn) globally, according to London fashion designer Barjis Chohan, who launched her own modest and fun label after she noticed young Muslim girls struggling with unsuitable hemlines and necklines. That said, modesty has no particular religion, so why brand a label “Muslim” or anything else? It’s all about targeted marketing and strategic niche branding.