Israel waging ‘war against humanity’, says World Central Kitchen founder

'It’s been six months of targeting anything that seems [to move],' Jose Andres says

Celebrity chef and World Central Kitchen founder Jose Andres at the US Capitol in March. AFP
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Israel’s invasion of the Gaza Strip seems to have become a “war against humanity itself”, the World Central Kitchen founder Jose Andres said on Sunday.

The Israeli military last week killed seven aid workers from the NGO, provoking international outrage and a threat from President Joe Biden that US support for Israel in Gaza might change unless more is done to address the humanitarian disaster.

Speaking to CBS News, Mr Andres criticised Israel for what he saw as its seemingly indiscriminate attack.

“This is happening for too long. It’s been six months of targeting anything that seems [to move],” the celebrity chef said.

“This doesn’t seem a war against terror. This doesn’t seem any more a war about defending Israel. These really at this point it seems it’s a war against humanity itself.”

Israel claims it mistook the World Central Kitchen aid convoy for vehicles being used by Hamas. The three vehicles that were hit clearly had World Central Kitchen logos on them but Israel claims its military operators could not make these out in the dark.

Mr Andres said Israel alone should not be investigating the killing of the six international and one Palestinian members of his team.

“We need more information. We need to see better quality videos,” he said.

“There were white cars. That logo is very colourful. Even in a dark night, I guarantee you that those drones, could [see the logos].”

He added that he didn't “want to believe” that World Central Kitchen was deliberately attacked.

Updated: April 07, 2024, 5:41 PM