My Dubai Rent: Media relations executive finds bachelor haven for Dh28,000

Yasser Abdal-Rahman has lived in Dubai since October 2022

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My Dubai Rent takes you inside a reader's home to have a look at what they get for their money, how much they pay in rent and asks them what they like and don't like

For 25-year-old Yasser Abdal-Rahman from Jordan, his cosy studio apartment in Dubai's Production City offers ultimate convenience for a single man focusing on his career.

He rents the furnished 19th-floor apartment in Lakeside Tower, Production City, including a small kitchen and bathroom, for Dh28,000 ($7,620) annually.

Tell us about your home

It's a bachelor’s haven, with many restaurants, shopping malls, supermarkets, pharmacies and barber shops nearby.

I really appreciate its location and it's spacious enough for my needs but the king-size bed does take up a lot of room.

I’m currently considering buying a smaller bed for better utilisation of the area.

Where did you live before?

I came on a visit to explore the emirate in September 2022 but was lucky enough to secure a job and returned as a resident in October the same year.

Before securing my own place, I stayed at my brother's apartment in Al Jaddaf area and spent a few days at a friend's place in Jumeirah.

Why did you choose Production City?

I chose Production City for its proximity to my workplace in Media City, with a maximum 30-minute drive.

I was really looking for a place with a location that would help me avoid the heavy traffic I experienced during my stay at my brother's place. It often took me nearly an hour to reach work.

I appreciate the convenience of having all the necessary services within reach, making Production City an ideal location for a bachelor.

There is a public bus station literally steps away from my building and the area provides easy access to the Metro if needed.

My building also offers recreational facilities, including a gym, tennis court and swimming pool.

How have you made the apartment your home?

I have personalised it with paintings gifted by my friends.

I have also turned the place into a semi-smart unit by using smart lights and connecting my devices to my Amazon Alexa.

This combination of sentimental and modern touches has made the apartment feel like home.

I enjoy the apartment's cosiness and convenience but constantly rearrange the furniture to keep the space fresh and functional.

Is there a sense of community?

I value the respect for privacy and the politeness of the residents here.

The area is quiet, with no disturbances or loud noises, which I finds very comforting.

Do you plan to stay in the property?

I do not plan to stay in the studio apartment for long.

Although I like it, I feel I require more space for when my friends visit to play on PlayStation.

Do you think it offers value for money?

I believe my apartment is excellent value for my money.

It saves me time with its location and provides a cosy living environment in a comfortable neighbourhood.

Are there any downsides?

One of the downsides is the limited number of lifts in the building.

We have three lifts to accommodate a large number of tenants and, when one is out of service, it's a hassle.

I once waited nearly 30 minutes for the lift.

But overall, I am satisfied with where I chose to live and enjoy the benefits of the area.

Updated: June 02, 2024, 12:08 PM