UAE pupils shine in Indian CBSE grade 12 exams and head to top US, UK and UAE universities

Thousands of pupils in the country received their CBSE grade 10 and grade 12 results on Monday

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Scores of pupils in the UAE received near-perfect results in Central Board of Secondary Education exams on Monday, and will now be heading to top universities in the US, UK and the UAE.

Grade 12 results were announced on Monday, while grade 10 scores were revealed by the Central Board of Secondary Education hours later.

In 2024, the pass percentage for Grade 12 was 87.98 per cent, up from 87.33 per cent last year, with girls outperforming boys.

Out of a total of 2,305 Gems Education pupils across 10 schools, 2,303 passed, giving a pass rate of 99.91 per cent while 9.20 per cent of students scored an average of above 90 per cent.

'A stellar performance'

At Delhi Private School Dubai, all of the 199 pupils to take exams passed with an average score of 90.4 this year, up by 2 per cent compared to last year.

Rashmi Nandkeolyar, principal at Delhi Private School Dubai, said: “Our pupils and teachers have done us proud with a stellar performance.

“Our results have improved across the spectrum with 100 per cent pass and top scores in all streams.

“Many pupils have already been accepted to top universities around the world.

“Children who have special education needs have done well and the high-achieving pupils have done well.”

Anagha Ramaswamy, a 17-year-old Indian pupil at Delhi Private School Dubai, achieved an overall grade 12 score of 96.2 per cent and will head to Stanford University in autumn with grades of 100 in computer science, 100 in marketing, 95 in chemistry, 94 in mathematics and 92 in English.

“I will be attending Stanford University and will be studying computer sciences,” said Ms Ramaswamy.

“There was hard work … I did have a lot of sleepless nights and put in a lot of extra effort.

“I had to prioritise the applications as I was aiming to head to the US.

“I am the head girl at my school and had many extra-curricular activities, but I was used to this as I have always done both (academics and extra-curricular activities) since primary school.”

She said she was excited to study at Stanford University and meet a diverse group of people.

“Because of their open curriculum, I can study computer science but can also pick up another major in business,” she said.

Vivin Chrysostor, also a 17-year-old Indian pupil at Delhi Private School Dubai, achieved an average of 98.8 per cent in grade 12 CBSE exams, with 100 in chemistry and marketing, 99 in biology, 98 in English and 97 in physics and mathematics.

“Throughout the year I had this focus in mind and put in around six months of constant work,” said Mr Chrysostor.

“I want to be a doctor and I'm going to be pursuing medicine, either in Canada or the UK.

“I'm looking at the University of Toronto and Manchester University.”

Ammar Moiz Tankiwala, an 18-year-old Indian pupil, scored 78 per cent and is interested in studying marketing and commerce in Dubai.

“I was happy to see the results and the teachers also supported me very well,” said Mr Tankiwala.

At The Indian High School, Oud Metha, 70 pupils scored 100 in 13 subjects, while all pupils at the school passed their exams.

Outstanding performance

Zahabia Ali Murtaza, an Indian pupil at Gems Our Own English High School in Dubai, achieved an average of 98.8 per cent and was the highest scorer across Gems Education schools in the UAE.

She achieved a perfect scores of 100 In psychology, home science and fashion studies.

“I'm planning to pursue a bachelor's degree in education and special education,” said Ms Murtaza, who aims to study at UAE University.

“I studied psychology in school and that’s where I learnt about children and how they need special educational methods for them.”

Thomas Mathew, executive principal at Gems Our Own English High School – Dubai, said: “Our students have done us proud once again.”

The school's average score is 87 per cent, with 37 per cent of pupils securing more than 90 per cent.

K George Mathew, principal at Gems United Indian School – Abu Dhabi, said: “We are absolutely thrilled to announce the outstanding performance of our school in the CBSE Board examinations.

“It's a moment of immense pride and joy for all of us at Gems Education UIS as our students have demonstrated exceptional dedication, perseverance, and academic excellence.”

Ameena Rosh, a pupil at Gems United Indian School, scored 97.2 per cent and will study accountancy in Dubai.

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Updated: May 13, 2024, 1:35 PM