Mohammed bin Rashid Global Initiatives spends Dh1.8bn on aid in 2023

The amount received by humanitarian and relief initiatives reached a record high

Sheikh Mohammed said the UAE continues to establish its humanitarian role, actively contributing to creating a better life for millions of people. Dubai Media Office
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Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Global Initiatives spent Dh1.8 billion in 2023 helping 111 million people in 105 countries, the foundation's annual report said.

MBRGI increased the number of beneficiaries by nine billion and expanded its coverage by five countries, compared with 2022, confirming its position as the largest regional system for humanitarian relief, development and community work.

The figures were announced during a special event at Dubai Opera on Thursday, where Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid, Vice President and Ruler of Dubai, chaired the meeting of the initiative's board of trustees and reviewed the 2023 annual report.

The ceremony also showcased the foundation's accomplishments in 2023 and previous years, as well as presenting reports on the progress of this year's Mothers' Endowment Campaign.

“Every time we succeed in reaching someone in need, anywhere in the world, offering them the means and tools to fight poverty, disease or ignorance, we count this as a major win for us and for humanity as a whole,” Sheikh Mohammed said.

“Our initiatives vary from aid, education and health to empowering communities, supporting youth and creating hope.

“Our goal is to help regions resume their journey towards progress, while extending a helping hand to underprivileged people.

“Our journey continues so that our humanitarian projects send a message of solidarity from the UAE to the world, carrying with it the values and principles of the Emirati people.”

Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed, Crown Prince of Dubai and vice chairman of the board of trustees, said MBRGI and the UAE were a role model of hope-making.

“Over eight years since its inception, MBRGI has established the culture of hope-making in the region, turning humanitarian work into a sustainable institutional action and contributing to promoting an atmosphere conductive of all the noble values of which the UAE was founded,” Sheikh Hamdan said.

“This reality shows how the UAE is keen to be an inspiring example and a positive influence in the lives of people, helping them strive for a better tomorrow.”

Sheikh Hamdan said that MBRGI has made a difference in the lives of tens of millions of people around the world.

“It continues to embrace new humanitarian initiatives, extending the scope and reach of its impact,” he added.

Secretary general Mohammed Al Gergawi said: “During 2023, MBRGI managed to reach 111 million people in 105 countries, helped meet their needs and aspirations by expanding its sustainable projects and increasing spending, which grew by Dh400 million compared to 2022 across its five pillars.”

Mr Al Gergawi praised the efforts of MBRGI's staff and more than 160,000 volunteers.

Mothers' Endowment Campaign

Before Ramadan, Sheikh Mohammed launched the Mothers' Endowment Campaign, which aims to help disadvantaged families around the world.

The campaign was created to provide educational materials, start social programmes and equip schools.

It is inspired by the role mothers play in society, and people in the UAE are encouraged to make donations in their mothers' names.

This week it was announced that the campaign raised Dh770 million in two weeks.

“The strong community response to the Mothers’ Endowment campaign confirms how doing good has become an established way of life in the UAE community, which further solidifies the UAE’s humanitarian role,” said Mr Al Gergawi at the time.

He added that the campaign is also on track to meet its Dh1 billion target.

Sheikh Mohammed honoured major contributors to the campaign at Dubai Opera.

Increased humanitarian aid spending

More than 34.4 million people benefitted from MBRGI's humanitarian aid and relief initiatives and projects in 2023 – up 4.2 million from 2022.

Spending on these programmes also increased to Dh1.1 billion, compared to last year's spend of Dh910 million.

Operating under this pillar are the International Humanitarian City, UAE Food Bank, Mohammed bin Rashid Humanitarian and Charity Foundation, Suqia and Mohammed bin Rashid Global Centre for Endowment Consultancy.

Their programmes included food aid campaigns, urgent relief for victims of war and natural disasters, student support campaigns, school building projects, housing projects for the poor, clean water schemes and an endowment initiative.

More than 746 tonnes of aid was dispatched by International Humanitarian City in 2023, which benefitted more than 1.5 million people affected by wars and natural disasters.

MBRGI also spend Dh242 million on its knowledge and education programmes, which helped a record 62.2 million people – up 7.1 million on 2022.

Record number of volunteers

MBRGI was established in 2015 as an umbrella for dozens of charity and humanitarian institutions that have been sponsored by Sheikh Mohammed for decades in a vision based on the institutionalisation of humanitarian and community work.

It includes 35 organisations and initiatives that implement hundreds of projects, programmes and campaigns, within five main work pillars: humanitarian aid and relief, health care and disease control, spreading education and knowledge, innovation and entrepreneurship, and empowering communities.

MBRGI enhanced its operational efficiency and use of resources in 2023, which has helped it reach its largest number of beneficiaries.

In addition to its 1,028 employees, the initiative's various campaigns attracted a record 160,000 volunteers last year, an increase of more than 10,200.

Updated: March 28, 2024, 4:51 PM