Kuwaiti man held on suspicion of planning bomb attacks on US forces

Suspect had previously posted content on social media in apparent support of a banned group

Kuwait's towers decorated with the colours of Saudi Arabia's flag a head of Crown Prince Mohammad Bin Salman visit to Kuwait, in Kuwait City on September 29, 2018. / AFP / Yasser Al-Zayyat
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Kuwait has arrested a citizen accused of plotting bomb attacks on US forces in the country, prosecutors said.

The Kuwaiti man was detained on charges of “joining an outlawed group plotting terrorist attacks” in the country and posted content on social media in support of the group, the Kuwait Public Prosecution said on X.

"The accused learnt how to make explosives and incited other defendants to learn them with the aim of blowing up camps belonging to the American armed forces,” it said.

The statement did not identify the man or the group.

On January 25, Kuwait announced it foiled an extremist plot to attack Shiite places of worship. Three people who had Tunisian citizenship and were working in Kuwait were arrested.

In 2015, a suicide bomber, identified at the time as a Saudi citizen, killed 26 worshippers and wounded more than 200 at a Shiite mosque in Kuwait. That blast followed a series of bomb attacks on Shiite mosques in Saudi Arabia that were claimed by ISIS.

Updated: May 02, 2024, 7:39 AM