Heavy rain and flash flood warnings sweep the Gulf, with Oman bearing brunt of wet weather

Rainfall expected to intensify in Oman over the coming hours

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UAE weather live: Emirates hit by severe storms

Several Gulf countries have issued flood alert warnings after intense thunderstorms and substantial rainfall across the region on Tuesday.

High winds and heavy downpours resulted in 18 deaths in Oman on Sunday, due to people getting trapped in wadis that quickly flooded with water.

Rulers across the region sent out condolences after the deaths, which included 10 schoolchildren swept away in a vehicle, along with the driver. On Tuesday, Oman's national emergency authority said rain was expected to continue throughout the afternoon.

Similar weather was recorded across the UAE, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia.

Heavy rain lashed the Emirates on Tuesday, flooding motorways and forcing people to abandon their vehicles on roads across Dubai. The UAE's National Centre of Meteorology issued an alert for unstable weather from Tuesday morning in Abu Dhabi, gradually affecting Dubai, Sharjah and the other parts of the country until Wednesday morning.

In Bahrain, heavy rain and high wind on Monday caused flooding in Manama. Footage from Reuters showed vehicles driving through large pools of water on the streets.

Bahrain's Interior Ministry issued public safety warnings last night amid thunder, lightning, high winds and heavy rain the kingdom.

Scattered rain over several parts of the country is expected to continue on Tuesday night, accompanied by strong gusts of wind and rough seas. The ministry called on citizens and residents to secure objects likely to fall from buildings and keep a safe distance from trees and billboards.

In Kuwait, the Meteorological Department forecast rain on Tuesday, with possible thunderstorms. The department advised the public to remain vigilant and stay updated on weather forecasts.

Saudi Arabia's National Centre of Meteorology said at the weekend that significant rainfall was expected across the kingdom and thunderstorms would hit various regions until Wednesday.

The kingdom's civil defence department has called on the public to take precautions against heavy rain, torrents of water and dusty winds across the kingdom.

Thunderstorms, accompanied by wind and hail, are expected in Al Qassim, Riyadh and Al Sharqiya regions, as well as parts of the northern border and Hail. Temperatures are expected to drop in Al Sharqiyah, Riyadh and Al Qassim, with warnings of high winds and limited visibility.

Thunderstorms continue to lash the UAE

Thunderstorms continue to lash the UAE

The Qatar Meteorology Department warned of overcast skies with wet weather that may become thundery with a chance of hail until Wednesday morning.

“Due to the expected heavy rainfall and strong winds, we urge participants in water and land activities to cancel all activities at sea and in coastal areas for everyone's safety,” Qatar's Ministry of Interior said.

On Sunday, Yemen's early warning centre said the country would be affected by thunderstorms on the coasts, highlands and deserts of Al Mahrah and Hadhramaut governorates. The centre also advised people to stay away from valleys and flood streams.

Remote work and online classrooms

Schools in Oman were closed on Monday and online classes are scheduled until Wednesday. The Centre of Aviation Authority said the weather is expected to calm from Wednesday evening into Thursday morning.

Public schools across the UAE approved remote learning for pupils on April 16 and 17 due to the heavy rain, the government's media office announced.

On Monday, the UAE's Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation called on private sector companies to take precautions in outdoor work operations where it is difficult to suspend operations, urging employers to ensure the health and safety of employees.

Qatar said the official working hours for staff in all ministries and government agencies would be transferred to remote work on Tuesday due to the conditions.

At least 14 killed in Oman flash floods

At least 14 killed in Oman flash floods
Updated: April 17, 2024, 7:30 AM