New jewellery from Maha Lozi lands at Boom & Mellow

Earrings, Dh2,600, from Maha Lozi’s new collection at Boom & Mellow in Dubai. Courtesy of Boom & Mellow
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The latest creations from Lebanese jewellery designer Maha Lozi are bold-but-understated treasures, and the collection has made it to the top of our Christmas wishlist. Crafted from zircon and semi-precious metals — some are made up of more than 1,500 different stones — Lozi's intricate designs will appeal to a broad range of clients. For hopeless romantics who seek delicate jewellery and whimsical motifs, a bedazzling bird pendant will stand out. Meanwhile, consumers who prefer edgier statements will likely opt for Lozi's razor-blade charms.

“I love that whole organic look, antique; trying to create something that looks incredibly old but with the edginess of today,” said the designer.

Maha Lozi's new collection is now available at Boom & Mellow boutique, located in Town Center on Jumeirah Beach Road, Dubai.