Bomb hidden in chocolates sent to general's daughter in Lebanon

Trap disguised as wedding gift dismantled with no one injured, armed forces representative confirms

A bomb hidden inside a box of chocolates was sent as a wedding gift to the daughter of a Lebanese brigadier-general.

The trap, sent on Tuesday evening, was dismantled and no one was injured, an army representative confirmed on Wednesday.

“Investigations are ongoing to identify the culprits. We are moving quickly with this case,” he said.

“We will share a statement when we have more information.”

Lebanon’s two-year economic collapse has taken a toll on security and political stability, sending crime numbers soaring, according to data by the Internal Security Forces.

On Tuesday, the UK Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office advised citizens against all but essential travel to Lebanon “due to ongoing instability”, said an update on its website.

Updated: November 17th 2021, 9:52 AM