King Abdullah met by joyful family on return to Jordan after surgery in Germany

Military jets accompanied king’s plane as it crossed into Jordanian airspace

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Jordan’s King Abdullah returned to Amman on Tuesday after surgery on his back in Germany, official media said.

Official photos showed the king being greeted by his son, Crown Prince Hussein, at Marka Military Airport.

King Abdullah, who is 60, had surgery last week in Frankfurt on a slipped disc in his back. The royal palace said the operation was successful and that it had been urgent because he was in pain.

Dr Rakan Al Lozi, a Jordanian doctor who was with the king in Germany, told state television that “all the symptoms prior to the operation has completely disappeared”.

During his 10-day absence, the king appointed Crown Prince Hussein as regent. The 27-year old prince has been assigned more roles in the past couple of years.

Several Jordanian warplanes accompanied the private jet carrying the king as it entered Jordanian air space. His wife, Queen Rania, was with him. The couple have been married since 1994 and have four children, the eldest of whom is Crown Prince Hussein.

The monarch succeeded his father, the late king Hussein, in 1999. He was a commander in the military in the decade before his ascension to the throne.

Official media said parachuting from military planes contributed to the king’s back condition.

Updated: June 19, 2023, 1:22 PM