Jordanian former MP jailed for 12 years over threats against King Abdullah

Osama Ajarmeh was arrested in June after he threatened to kill the monarch in a speech to his followers

Officers stand guard outside Jordan's State Security Court. AP
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A Jordanian former MP who threatened to kill the king in an inflammatory speech has been jailed for 12 years, state media reported on Wednesday.

Osama Ajarmeh was arrested in June last year after he gave a speech in his home town of Naour — an area on the outskirts of Amman known for lawlessness — disparaging King Abdullah.

Security forces fired shots into the air to contain Ajarmeh's followers who took to the streets in Naour and rioted after his arrest. Four police officers were wounded in clashes, the authorities said.

Ajarmeh was charged with threatening the life of the king, jeopardising the stability of society and sowing sedition. The State Security Court found him guilty of all three charges on Wednesday.

The official news agency, Petra, said it was proved to the court that Ajarmeh “committed actions that would submit the safety and security of society to danger and cause sedition".

The court also found that Ajarmeh “committed the charge of threatening the life of the king” and had taken “drug substances”.

Petra also reported that Ajarmeh took part in the making of molotov cocktails in Naour to use “in a terrorist act”.

“Without the discovery of the plot it would have jeopardised national stability,” the agency reported.

Ajarmeh was sacked from his parliamentary post on June 5, 2021, a day after footage emerged of him making threats against the king in front of his followers, while brandishing a sword and wearing a holstered handgun. He said he resigned from parliament before the legislature sacked him.

King Abdullah abrogated parliament on June 7.

Days later the monarch announced plans to “modernise” the 130-member legislature, which is comprised mostly of loyalist deputies.

Updated: June 19, 2023, 12:25 PM