Oil spill detected from pipeline off Iran's Gulf coast

Port city of Genaveh, in Bushehr province, is near the spill and houses a major oil storage centre

The port city of Genaveh in Iran’s southern Bushehr province is near the spill area. Bing Maps
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A large stretch of Iran's Gulf coast has been polluted by an oil leak from an offshore pipeline, the country’s state news agency Irna has reported.

The port city of Genaveh, in Iran’s southern Bushehr province, is near the spill area and houses a major oil storage complex.

It is connected through underwater pipelines to Kharg Island in the Gulf, where most of the country’s oil is loaded for export.

“Sea tides are flowing up oil slicks to the shore,” Kioumars Jokar, head of the Ports and Maritime Organisation in Genaveh, told Irna.

“The level of pollution is increasing and measures must be taken as soon as possible to curb the spill.”

Work is under way to clean up floating oil patches and the pipeline was shut down for repairs, Mr Jokar said.

Beachgoers near the area were warned to stay out of the water, Irna reported.

Updated: August 28, 2023, 12:29 PM