Suez Canal blockage causes meme frenzy

The stricken 400-metre, 224,000-tonne 'Ever Given' container vessel provides ample material for meme creators

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A massive cargo vessel wedged sideways in Egypt's Suez Canal is not something you see every day. And like all great unifying events, its images provide a productive seam of content for meme creators.

While Egyptian tugboat operators were trying to dislodge and refloat the stricken Evergreen Marine Corp vessel, the internet got its creative juices going and took great joy in marking the event.

Blocked Suez Canal vessel distracts us from work  

A good meme usually encapsulates people's desires to veer off from their daily work routines. Here is Chaz Hutton's cartoon strip explaining the situation for many:

And some more traditional work/procrastination memes

Austin Powers explains the situation

The scene from the Mike Myers film of our groovy 1960s superagent trying to wriggle a vehicle out of a tight spot was the first thought I had. Zaina Erhaim shares a gif that goes the extra mile.

...As does Ross Geller

Users speculate what refloating the vessel will entail

Just the man for a Suez crisis

Football Twitter has new ammunition for defensive bores

Poor Jose Mourinho. His football teams will struggle to shake off this tag.

Follow the latest blocked Suez Canal vessel developments here.