Egypt: rare snowfall in Red Sea resort town of Hurghada

Stormy weather across the country over the New Year weekend claimed three lives

Snow and hail hit popular Red Sea resort town in Egypt

Snow and hail hit popular Red Sea resort town in Egypt
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The new year brought rare snowfall to Egypt’s usually sunny Red Sea resort town of Hurghada.

Sleet and snow blanketed the streets, leaving them almost deserted as people stayed indoors.

The Ras Ghareb-Hurghada motorway along the Red Sea was closed temporarily because of the bad weather, creating long queues of traffic.

“Authorities had closed the highway on Saturday after Hurghada was hit by heavy rains, snowfall, claps of thunder, and torrential rain on the first day of the year, forming pools of standing water across the streets of the Red Sea tourist hub,“ Egypt's Al Ahram daily reported.

The port of Nuweiba in south Sinai and other main roads were also closed over the weekend.

The health ministry said stormy weather in Egypt since Thursday night had claimed three lives and left 13 people injured.

Updated: January 03, 2022, 7:43 AM