Palestinian family say Israeli forces fatally shot their 15-year-old daughter

Sadil Naghnaghia was filming passing Israeli armoured vehicle when cousin says she was shot in forehead

Sadeel Ghassan Naghnaghia (15 years old) died of wounds during the recent occupation aggression on Jenin and its camp, according to Palestinian medical sources. Photo: WAFA News Agency
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A 15-year-old Palestinian girl is clinically dead after being shot in the forehead by Israeli forces while filming an armoured vehicle in Jenin, in the occupied West Bank, her family said on Tuesday.

Sadil Naghnaghia was critically injured during an arrest operation on Monday.

This developed into a major confrontation between Israeli troops and Palestinian militant fighters, during which the Israeli military deployed an attack helicopter.

Six Palestinians were killed and more than 90 wounded, while seven Israeli soldiers and border police officers were also injured.

Sadil was filming an Israeli Panther armoured personnel carrier as it passed her home in Jenin city when she was shot, her cousin Ibrahim told The National.

“That was the last thing she saw,” said Ibrahim. “There weren't any armed fighters near by.”

As Israeli forces approached in armoured vehicles, Sadil left her home and stood in the front yard with a family friend.

She was wearing prayer clothes when she was shot, Ibrahim said.

Her father is now “calming people down, and telling them to be patient”, he added.

The teenager is being treated in Doctor Khalil Sulaiman hospital in Jenin.

She was announced clinically dead after suffering a brain laceration “but her heart is still beating”, said Ibrahim.

While he is hopeful she will open her eyes, Sadil's mother is already grieving, said Ibrahim.

Duha, a friend and neighbour of Sadil, told The National that she lost her “best friend in the whole world”.

“I've known Sadil for nine years. She used to laugh all the time, no matter what.”

Duha told of their passion for the Dabke Palestinian national dance.

“We used to love Dabke. We used to do it all the time,” said Duha.

“She called me moments before she was shot. We're neighbours. I went to the spot she was shot at.

“Her youngest brother saw the whole thing from the upstairs window. He saw a bullet go through his sister's head.

“He's still in shock,” Duha added.

Sadil, who has two older and two younger brothers, is due to go into the 10th Grade.

On Tuesday, four more Palestinians were shot in the West Bank.

Last month, an Israeli raid killed 11 people, including three aged over 60.

Monday's raid in Jenin was the first time Israel had used Apache helicopters to launch a missile attack since the second intifada in 2002.

Updated: June 21, 2023, 1:15 PM