Mud mosque from 60 AH discovered in southern Iraq

British Museum excavation team uncovers place of worship

An excavation team from the British Museum has discovered a mud mosque in Iraq’s Al Rifai district in the southern Dhi Qar governorate that dates back to the year 60 AH, or 679 AD, the Iraq News Agency says.

"Mosques are among the pioneering buildings in the early Islamic period,” Ali Shalgham, director of the Department of Investigation and Excavation in Dhi Qar, said.

The British team discovered the mosque with help from locals.

"It is considered one of the important discoveries because it dates back to the beginnings of the emergence of Islam," Mr Shalgham said.

The discovery is significant because the mud mosque is located in the middle of a well-defined residential city.

"Previous and current excavation missions have found little information in revealing the early Islamic periods,"Mr Shalgham said.

The mosque measures eight metres wide and five metres in length. At the heart of the mosque is a small shrine for the imam.

Updated: November 26th 2021, 5:40 AM