Louis Vuitton’s perfume finally unveiled

The seven new fragrances by Louis Vuitton. Courtesy Louis Vuitton.
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The long wait is finally over: Louis Vuitton has officially launched its brand new collection of fragrances.

As exclusively revealed in Arts & Life in June, this is Vuitton’s third foray into perfume, and the first in many years. All previous fragrances — from the bottle size right down to the recipe — have been lost.

As a house never to shy away from a bold approach, Vuitton has released not one, but seven different fragrances. With evocative names such as Apogee, Mille Feux and Turbulences, all seven are encased in identical, simple bottles, like old fashioned medicine viles, and sealed with a large, black stopper. The only distinguishable feature of each bottle is the colour of the juice contained within, and the name, printed across the front in clean, block capitals.

The fashion team have yet to smell these new creations that are set to hit shelves September 1 — the thinking behind the scents, however, has been described as a “journey of emotions”. Vuitton speaks of travel not being a destination, but rather a feeling that nourishes the soul. This is a nod to the extensive travel that master perfumer Jacques Cavallier Belletrud undertook in search of inspiration and the final ingredients for each fragrance.