What's hot and what's not this week

What's hot and what's not this week: from Christmas windows to unreasonably high heels.

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What's hot

Christmas windows

Yes, it's far too early, but when they're as pretty as Printemps' Paris windows (a riot of lovelieness featuring Alber Elbaz, Kristin Scott Thomas and a variety of freaky mannequins sporting Lanvin), we'll forgive them. Closer to home, check out Harvey Nichols' goth-glam displays and Bloomingdales' seasonal chic.

F1 and fabulous

So, what are you wearing to the Amber Lounge? Tonight's party at the Hilton will be the hottest of the F1 season. And that's saying something. Think short, vibrant silks and statement accessories. Full-octane glamour is expected.

Pricey Barnets

Celebrity snipper Sally Hershberger swept into Dubai last week to tend to the tresses of the lucky few who could afford her services. We heard that a cut with the Hollywood favourite was going for Dh2,900. We might be worth it, but we're not sure we can afford it.

What's not

Dress wars

Too many balls, too little time. With the Chequered Flag event, The Ball and this coming weekend's US Marines' extravaganza we've been ballgown-shopping with abandon. The problem? Everyone else is doing the same thing. In the same shops. The Fear...


Enough with the madness. We love a pair of heels as much as the next girl, but here is where we draw the line. A pair of shoes called the Sky Heel, which "boasts" a nine-inch spike, is set to be launched next year. These are not shoes, they're stilts. Save 'em for the circus.

Visible underwear

No, not the underwear as outerwear trend, although, come to think of it, that too. (Face it, it makes you look like you forgot to get dressed.) However, we digress. This week's worst fashion crime? Plastic bra-straps. Yes, the weather is lovely and you may want to wear your best maxi with bare shoulders, but you do know that we can still see those nasty elastic things though, don't you? Strapless bras, ladies, strapless bras.