What is the #DoYourPartChallenge that Britney Spears has participated in?

The hashtag gained prominence after the pop star pledged to provide 'food and nappies' to three people in need

Britney Spears was nominated for the #DoYourPartChallenge by her sister Jamie Lynn Spears and, in turn, nominated Will Smith. AFP
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Panic buying and stockpiling are two fallouts of the era of self-isolating and social distancing, as are losing jobs and facing pay cuts. As a result, some people may be unable to get their hands on essentials such as food, nappies, household items and so on.

Enter the #DoYourPartChallenge, wherein the participant takes to social media and tells others to DM them with their stories and their needs, and then picks three people to help by sending them the items requested as well as nominating three friends or followers to participate and keep furthering the support network.

While Britney Spears brought the challenge to prominence by sharing a video outlining her participation on Instagram, it seems to have been started by influencer Anastasia Karanikolaou, a childhood friend of Kylie Jenner, in a bid to aid “families and small businesses affected by everything that’s happening right now”. She also called on her followers and fellow influencers “who have the means to keep this going”.

Karanikolaou, whose Instagram handle is @stassiebaby, nominated Jenner, David Dobrick and Bazzi. Meanwhile, Spears was nominated by her sister Jamie Lynn and, in turn, picked from her list of followers her boyfriend, Sam Asghari, Will Smith and Cade Hudson. Her nominees are yet to rise to the challenge.

You can do your bit by posting a similar video using the #DoYourPartChallenge hashtag as well as nominating three people you think will respond to another’s needs in the face of the coronavirus crisis.


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