The barre necessities: The NYLA fitness method has arrived in the UAE

NYLA Method studio, specialising in barre fitness, is soon to open a dedicated fitness centre in the UAE.

The NYLA Method utilises a multi-disciplinary approach to health and fitness. Courtesy NYLA Method
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NYLA Method studio, specialising in barre fitness, is soon to open a dedicated fitness centre in the UAE. In the meantime, they are holding pop-up studios in Dubai’s Mall of the Emirates and the Monte-Carlo Beach Club in Abu Dhabi. Female-only classes are led by Andrea DeBellis. We caught up with her to find out more.

What’s different about the classes you’re offering?

Unlike classes that give you one mode of working out, we have incorporated what we believe are the most effective techniques to sculpt the body in one hour. We base our abdominal set on Pilates principles. With the barre work, you are shaping your muscles the way a dancer does. There are also yoga twists and stretches for lengthening and cardio to burn fat. It’s the most fun way to work out and our playlists make you feel like you are at a party.

What level of a challenge should people expect?

People can expect to shake and burn in every class. Our classes are designed to be a challenge for everyone at every level. It still challenges me and the other instructors.

Who might the classes be unsuitable for?

Although women who are pregnant can still do the Method, like any other workout programme, we require a doctor’s note. The same goes for anyone with a current or previous injury.

How often would you recommend ladies take the classes and how quickly will they see results?

Many see results [in] as soon as two weeks. But … much depends on an individual’s lifestyle. However, NYLA is a comprehensive programme designed to achieve results without having to do other forms of exercise as long as three to four classes a week are attended.

NYLA stands for New York Los Angeles. Are all your instructors US-trained and sourced? 

We are importing the best of fitness and wellness staff from New York and Los Angeles, Miami and all the way to Australia. We have literally spanned the globe to find the most talented women to deliver our method and our message. The name NYLA also means “woman who achieves” in Arabic.

What’s your story?

I took my first barre class in New York six years ago. It changed my body and my life. Upon moving to London in 2010, I saw the need for a method such as this and opened the first barre studio in the city. It was then that I realised that I was giving women more than a fitness class – it was a way to inspire people to live a life focused on well-being.

My new mission became to create a 360 [degree] approach to wellness. I wanted to create a place that had the most effective form of fitness, with a food concept that nourished and supported the body and a community of people who share our enthusiasm for this lifestyle.

• NYLA Method classes last one hour; the first session is free and Dh115 after that. For more information go to