The 27-year-old vet going viral on TikTok

Hunter Finn is an associate vet who has almost one million TikTok followers

Hunter Finn, an associate vete from Texas, has been going viral on TikTok with his latest series of videos. 
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People with pets will agree that shopping for themcan sometimes be confusing. With so many toys and snacks on the market, it can be hard to figure out the best option.

This is where Hunter Finn, 27, an associate vet from Texas, comes in.

Over 10 days, he has gone viral on TikTok, posting a series of videos created for pet owners that help to answer common questions.

His first video, aimed at dog owners, has had 4.3 million views since being uploaded on September 3.

In the short clip, he shares three tips on what to look for when buying dog treats.

“Absolutely never buy raw hides with these double-layered ends. These are absolute choking / surgical hazards,” he warns.

He also suggests looking for treats that have dental benefits, along with a Veterinary Oral Health Council stamp on the packaging (this is applicable for cat treats, too).

Also, Finn says if a toy bone is too hard to slap against your knee, it'll be too hard for your dog to chew, so it's best to avoid that as well.

In the second video in the series, he focuses more on what pet snacks should be avoided.

He advises against raw and cooked bones and hoofs, saying they are too tough and can wear or break down a dog's teeth over time, while potentially causing gastrointestinal problems as well. He also mentions that rope toys, while overall safe, should be used under supervision because if shredded the toys can easily be ingested and potentially cause life-threatening problems.


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However, advice videos aren't the only thing Finn puts on TikTok. He also creates comedy content and videos aimed at helping pet owners (even if it means giving tips while dancing).

Finn currently has more than 985,000 followers on the platform and says he will continue doing videos specifically for pet owners as long as they find it useful.