Noticed pictures of rainbows appearing in your neighbourhood windows? Here's why

The worldwide movement is designed to spread the message that 'everything is going to be OK'

Dubai girl makes rainbow tutorial to spread hope

Dubai girl makes rainbow tutorial to spread hope
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If you've stepped out of your house for essentials, you may have noticed a new creative phenomenon: drawings and paintings of rainbows appearing in the windows of local homes.

If the array of kaleidoscopic works have left you feeling perplexed, the reason is rather heartwarming.

They are the work of children who want to spread a little joy and say thank you to key workers around the world battling the coronavirus.

The campaign originally started in Italy, the European country worst-hit by the Covid-19 pandemic. The signs originally had the slogan "andra tutto bene", which translates to "everything is going to be OK".

Darcey Isolina Zagalsky lives in Dubai Marina with her Italian mother and British father. Courtesy Chiara Sarzi Amade
Darcey Isolina Zagalsky lives in Dubai Marina with her Italian mother and British father. Courtesy Chiara Sarzi Amade

Dubai schoolgirl Darcey Isolina Zagalsky, 9, has been spearheading the campaign to get colour into the windows of UAE homes.

She explains in a video, shared with The National by her family: "It's about spreading hope and positivity [which is] needed now.

"Create your own rainbow with your family and write in your own language, ‘Everything is going to be OK’."

Darcey's mother, Chiara Sarzi Amade, told The National that her daughter hoped children around the country would take part.

"Darcey was inspired by the Italian kids who have been making rainbows to spread positivity and hope," she said. "Darcey is keen for this initiative to be embraced in the UAE and have all the kids to create their own rainbow and share with their communities."

Amade is from Lombardy, the area of Italy worst-hit by Covid-19. She added: "Darcey's grandparents are 77 and 81 years old and this age is at high-risk, so they have not gone out for the last six weeks, not even to the supermarket because they can’t take any risks."

Rainbows around the world 

The campaign has been widely shared on social media, and there are rainbows popping up in homes around the UAE, including in The Greens, Dubai:

And children from the Sunmarke School in Jumeirah Village Triangle, Dubai, have also been getting involved:

However, the campaign isn't limited to the UAE and Italy.

Colourful rainbows have appeared everywhere – from England:

To New York City:

And Brussels:

All essential workers deserve support in these times. From the medical teams working tirelessly, to the delivery drivers making sure people receive essential items, people who have been cleaning our streets and those working round-the-clock in supermarkets to keep the store shelves stocked (and clean).