Need help with your mental health? These clinics offer online therapy

We might not all be able to sit on the psychologist's couch right now, but these professionals are still available via video link

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As businesses struggle, the economy heads towards a downturn and the uncertainty of a virus-free future plays on everyone's minds, the need for online therapy services has never been greater.

Thankfully, these professionals are on hand to help alleviate UAE residents’ concerns.

Thrive Wellbeing Centre

As of Wednesday, March 25, Thrive Wellbeing Centre by Dr Sarah Rasmi went digital until further notice. Dr Rasmi and her team are now holding all psychotherapy sessions online.

“Please rest assured that your experience will not be compromised,” reads a statement on the centre’s website. “We guarantee continuity of our quality service, and, thanks to our hypercompliant online systems, utmost confidentiality.”

Prices and packages are determined on a case-by-case basis and are all bespoke. Services offered at Thrive include individual and couples therapy for adults, parenting support, as well as therapy for children and adolescents.

The team has also uploaded a range of resources for teachers, students and educators regarding the Covid-19 pandemic. Click here to learn more.

Lighthouse Arabia

One of the more well-known and relied upon therapy and wellness centres in the UAE has a huge offering of online services, including webinars, support groups, traditional therapy and well-being checks. Currently, Lighthouse Arabia has free weekly sessions on topics such as managing emotional health during times of Covid-19, coping with cancer and grief – to name a few. With the online therapy, adults and teens can keep up their psychology and psychiatry appointments, plus they offer occupational therapy and speech and language pathology for children.

Mindful Me

This group of practitioners, led by Helen Williams, a psychotherapist and meditation teacher, is offering all of their usual sessions online and via video link. Mindful Me teaches mindfulness techniques and meditation, as well as offer therapy sessions to individuals and couples. They also have a specialist in mindful parenting on hand. Prices vary depending on the services you require, but it is more affordable than other similar centres in the UAE.

Helen Williams, founder of Mindful Me in Dubai. Courtesy of Mindful Me
Helen Williams, founder of Mindful Me in Dubai. Courtesy Mindful Me

Camali Clinic

Camali Clinic offers a holistic approach to adult and child mental health through their three clinics across Dubai and Abu Dhabi. One of their services is teletherapy, for which they have developed a secure and confidential online therapy programme, where children, adults and families can received video counselling services.

“We have gone to great lengths to ensure the upmost confidentiality through the use of a portal based on 92 sophisticated levels of data encryption, transmission and backup,” a statement on the website assures customers. They also promise this style of therapy is as effective as it is in person.

Wise Mind Centre

This centre in Business Bay, Dubai also offers teletherapy services at any time of year, and not just throughout the pandemic. The Wise Mind Centre team offers a range of therapy styles, including cognitive behaviour therapy and mindfulness, to adults, children, teenagers and couples. They specialise in a variety of concerns, from anxiety to depression and eating disorders. "Evidence is particularly strong that anxiety, stress and depression can be treated online," the website reads.

At the moment, the team is also hosting virtual support groups throughout the week, free of charge from 2pm to 3pm. This includes for anxiety and depression management, general support and a session for women only.


While Betterhelp is not based in the UAE, this website specialises in offering therapy online around the world to adults, children, teens and couples. It's very affordable, too. All you need to do is answer a few questions about yourself and the challenges you're facing, then create a private username and password to access the system. Payment plans start from $40 (Dh147) per week and you can apply for financial aid, depending on your circumstances. Once you've filled in your details, you'll be matched with a suitable qualified and licensed professional, but if you're not happy with the choice you can switch therapist at any time. Best of all, you can open up in any medium you feel comfortable with: via video chat, on the phone or even over message.