Abu Dhabi Australian aims for back-of-hand push-ups world record

The Abu Dhabi fitness fanatic Eva Clarke is attempting to break two world records for back-of-hand push-ups.

Eva Clarke, a 33-year-old Australian, is attempting to break two world records for back-of-hand push-ups. Silvia Razgova / The National
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After being crowned the UAE’s fittest woman and then completing a 100km ultra-marathon in Nepal, the Abu Dhabi fitness fanatic Eva Clarke is facing her latest challenge. This week, the 33-year-old Australian is attempting to break two world records for back-of-hand push-ups.

Unable to plant her palms on the floor because of Kienbock’s disease, a hereditary condition that causes weakening of bones in the wrist, she trained herself to do the exercise while perched on the back of her hands.

Her first record attempt is to complete the most number of push-ups in 15 minutes.

To achieve this, she will have to beat 112 repetitions, a record currently held by Alicia Weber, an American with more than 100 international strength and fitness titles to her name. Clarke is hoping to hit about 400 repetitions.

The second is for most consecutive push-ups without breaking form – meaning without stopping or putting one’s knees on the floor.

No one has ever attempted this record before and Clarke has been training in the spare time between taking her classes and personal tuition at the gyms. As for her chances of accomplishing her goal, she says: “It’s going to be tough but I’m convinced I can do it.”

As well as engraving her name in the annals of record breakers, she also helps out the school that two of her three children – Tyla-Eve, 13, and Isabella, 7, – attend. She says the Gems American Academy in Khalifa A needs funds to upgrade some of its sports equipment.

“To raise a bit of money would be nice, but I also want to set an example to the kids about fitness. Obesity is such a problem in this country. I hope I can influence a few to go out there and train hard,” she adds.

• For more details about Clarke’s world record attempt, contact Beyond Health Club on 02 557 7345

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