15 feel-good Instagram accounts to follow in 2021: from self-care to animals

Why not start off the new year by following some accounts that will make you feel more positive?

Rather than follow accounts that don't make you feel happy, why not start 2021 with a burst of positivity? Unsplash 
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The new year is the perfect time to start afresh. For many, 2020 was a year they would rather forget, especially considering the amount of negative news consumed. So why not start 2021 with a focus on positive content?

Rather than doomscrolling, look to feel-good Instagram pages with an onus on mental health, self-care or simply photos of cute animals. Here are 15 to follow:

1. The Blurt Foundation

This is a social enterprise in the UK that's dedicated to helping those affected by depression. The Instagram account shares colourful illustrations from artists, as well as related posts for anyone who may be having a tough time.

2. Self Care is for Everyone

Sometimes it can be hard to remember to take care of yourself. And while we’re all busy scrolling through our feeds, this account can be a nice reminder to take some time out for ourselves.

3. A Beautiful Mess

Sisters Elsie Larson and Emma Chapman have a motto, "Stay home and make something," which is what you'll find on their account. They post do-it-yourself content, such as home decor projects, crafts and recipes, on their blog, while sharing aesthetically pleasing photos on Instagram.

4. My Self Love Supply

You'll find plenty of positive affirmations, tips and daily reminders to take care of yourself on this page.

5. Hey Amber Rae

Author Amber Rae reminds followers to regularly check in with themselves using colourful illustrations and graphs. She also posts templates that users can fill out and share on their own accounts.

6. Her Growth Game

This account is aimed at goal-getters and provides inspiration, empowerment and motivation. Following a simple black-and-pink colour scheme, Her Growth Game posts daily positive affirmations.

7. Littlearthlings

Its slogan is: "Just some gentle reminders from a girl who needs a few herself," and the account posts daily positive affirmations such as "you are enough", "you matter" and "one day at a time".

8. Positively Present

Author, blogger and illustrator Dani DiPirro founded the account and based it on the idea of living in the moment while focusing on the positives in everyday situations. She posts colourful graphics with inspiring reminders on how to live more positively and how to spread joy.

9. The Happy Newspaper

These days, it's all too easy to read about the bad things happening in the world. However, The Happy Newspaper is aiming to change that by celebrating all of the positive news that occurs, a perfect way to feel good while scrolling.

10. Upworthy

As well as sharing positive, non-politically motivated news, Upworthy often features personal accounts of kindness and touching stories, such as one about a couple who gave away 1,400 free toys to children across America for Christmas, and another about two penguins in Australia offering each other comfort.

11. The Happy Sloth Club

Created by Hannah Shurey as a way to spread "positive vibes and support", as well as to advocate mental health, the account is filled with self-care tips, positivity posts and illustrations.

12. The Official Happiness Is

The account shares cute cartoons that give examples of what happiness is to different people. Some are fun, while others are cute, and there are likely to be examples everyone can relate to.

13. Dogs Working From Home

Last year was a rough one, and a lot of people had to work from home. However, there was one winner: dogs. Specifically those that got to spend more time than ever with their owners. Now, there's an Instagram account that shows dogs "working" from home.

14. Cats_of_Instagram

If you're a cat lover, what better account to follow than Cats_of_Instagram? One look at a cute little feline is sure to put anyone in a good mood.

15. Boop My Nose

Is there anything more precious than a nose that needs to be booped? Well, for those who enjoy looking at the cute little noses of dogs, this is the perfect account, as it will lift spirits with its adorable posts.


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