Watch: biker dog Bogie becomes local favourite in the Philippines

The pup belongs to a motorcycle shop owner who sees him as a 'son'

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Donning a black sports jacket, a pair of aviator sunglasses and an orange helmet, Bogie is easy to spot.

The 11-year old crossbreed canine from the Philippines has become something of a celebrity in his neighbourhood for taking daily motorcycle rides with his owner Gilbert Delos Reyes. Bogie rides in front, balancing on his hind legs with his paws on the bike's handlebars.

“The first thing I taught him when he was about four months old was how to ride a motorcycle. I would carry him whenever I rode,” said Reyes in a Reuters interview. The motorcycle shop owner bought Bogie at a local market more than a decade ago for the equivalent of $2.

The dog’s riding days started when he would follow his owner and jump on his motorbike. Since then, Reyes has taught Bogie to balance while the bike is in motion. He has since proven himself to be a useful guard dog on the road, too. In one instance, Bogie chased after thieves who attempted to steal Reyes’ necklace.

With his celebrity status and charm, Bogie also brings in customers to Reyes’ motorcycle shop in Cavite, Manila.

“I think of Bogie as a son. He’s been with me for 11 years and is a big part of my life. We’ve had so many adventures and been to many places together… I don’t think I can ever replace him,” said Reyes.

Additional reporting from Reuters