Tried and Tested: Melt and vibrate your extra inches away

Hoping to firm up and lose a few inches, Elizabeth Pearson tries out Fat Melting combined with Whole Body Vibration at Rebecca Treston Aesthetics at EuroMed Clinic in Dubai.

A handout photo showing fat melt procedure (Courtesy: Rebecca Treston Aesthetics)

WHAT I TRIED Fat Melting combined with Whole Body Vibration at Rebecca Treston Aesthetics at EuroMed Clinic, Jumeirah Beach Road, Dubai

WHAT I WANTED To firm up and lose some inches on my post-baby belly, plus a body confidence boost before boot camp starts. I wanted non-invasive treatments (also non-painful, my personal prerequisite) and to walk immediately out the door with a little less bounce in my step.

WHAT HAPPENED My therapist, Rebecca, and I begin with an initial consultation where she explains the science behind the treatments: "Ultrasound heats the fat cells and then bursts them, releasing the liquid fat known as triglycerides into your system in a process known as cavitation. These are then expelled from the body by natural means. It's a wonderful procedure as it's pain-free and requires no recovery time." Now, that's the kind of information I like.

I stand in front of a full-length mirror, where I'm carefully photographed and measured. My eyes search the ceiling, refusing to acknowledge the body reflected in front of me. Lines are drawn in pen on my "target" areas and I tentatively lie on the bed as the machine is fired up.

The qualified nurse smears me with an ice-cold gel and sympathetically sets to work with the ultrasound massage head. As it touches my skin, I instantly hear the sonic waves, which sound much like a radio being tuned from the ultrasound within. It is unusual but comfortable. My tummy was sectioned by the pen lines into four areas and each area is massaged for 15 minutes. There is no sensation other than the massage head warming up.

After half the session is over, it is time for my mini "before and after" and we look at the results in the mirror. I immediately begin to grin rather incredulously: the side that had been massaged so diligently is obviously firmer and, ahem, more streamlined, so I verily leap back on the bed to get cracking on the other side. Buoyed after the visible results from the Fat Melting, my happy self is led by Rebecca to Proellixe, an innocent-looking machine (much like a Power Plate that you find in gyms) developed by Nasa. The idea is you stand on a vibrating plate that, in turn, tones your muscles and aids lymphatic drainage. Once I stand with my feet in their designated position, the "slimming" programme is selected and, presto, I feel like I am wobbling all my lumps and bumps off quicker than my favourite tribal dance move. The programme lasts 11 minutes and blows the cobwebs away. Immediately afterwards I feel strangely revitalised.

THE VERDICT Rather excitingly, a visibly smoother curve and a more contoured waist appear, hardly making me a supermodel but it's a nice start. Overall, I lost 7cm, which was close to 2cm off each of the four measurements taken between my ribs and hips. My clothes sit much more comfortably and the results have served as a fabulous incentive to crack on with the diet and exercise programme. I still look less Bikini and more Atoll - but not for long!

Dh2,000 per session but M readers will receive the first session for half-price or five sessions for Dh7,000. To take advantage of this offer, quote "M magazine" when making your appointment. Rebecca Treston Aesthetics at EuroMed Clinic, Jumeirah Beach Road, Dubai, 04 394 5422

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