Tried and Tested: Feel-good facial for the new year ahead

The anti-ageing booster at EuroMed clinic in Dubai is a good choice if you don't have the time for chemical peels and lasers.

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WHAT I TRIED The Anti-ageing booster at the EuroMed Clinic in Dubai, which is designed "to eliminate the signs of ageing", according to the blurb.

WHAT I EXPECTED The latter end of the year certainly is the season to be jolly, but after four weeks of serious partying my skin was looking terribly haggard. I just wanted a boost, to see me into the new year in fresh-faced style.

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Last Updated: 22 June, 2011 UAE

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WHAT HAPPENED So much! There are three main strands to the treatment. The skin-tightening process, which lifts the jawline and the eye area, as well as the neck. Then a laser that resurfaces the skin and basically feels a little bit like someone is pressing your face with a warm iron. Finally, mesotherapy that nourishes and hydrates the skin, and repairs damaged cells. All three have an immediate effect (you leave the clinic looking like you've had 16 hours' sleep), and because they are deep treatments they carry on working.

THE VERDICT If you are not prepared to deal with the downtime involved in serious skin resurfacing treatments such as chemical peels and fractional lasers, then this is a perfect way to improve your skin at a far deeper level than just your normal facial. I wouldn't say that any signs of ageing have been eliminated, but I certainly look better than I did. And I think if I could have one a month, the results would just keep improving.

The Anti-ageing booster costs Dh2,000; pay for five and get sixth free. At EuroMed Clinic Dubai, 04 394 5422,