When it is time to go

For most people who come to the UAE, returning home, or beginning a new life somewhere else, is a considerable challenge.

Whatever the reason, slogging through paperwork, packing, paying the bills, looking for health insurance and taking the children out of school can be a costly headache.
To avoid the hassle - and the debts - some people choose to abscond, jumping on a plane with no intention of coming back. But this is hardly a prudent option, nor is it an ethical one.
Expatriates who abscond from debts could be blacklisted from re-entering the country for years to come - if not forever. And as soon as you enter a UAE airport, even in transit, you could end up having problems with the local authorities.
Absconding will also eliminate your end-of-service gratuity and final payment, which in this country are linked to proper existing procedures.
Fortunately, for the majority of us, departing from UAE life is a sweet sorrow, and it pays to end your time here responsibly. If you follow the right steps, the process can be relatively painless.