Travellers want in-flight social distancing and more PPE before they fly again

Frequent flyers are also now more worried about cabin air quality and in-flight cleanliness, finds survey

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The cleanliness of in-cabin air and the ability to social distance on a flight are two of the top concerns for travellers thinking about flying in the future.

The majority of travellers are also more concerned about the environment on an aircraft than that in airports, found a new survey by technology company Honeywell.

Travellers have more faith in technology than any other methods when it comes to in-cabin cleanliness. Courtesy Etihad
Travellers have more faith in technology than any other methods when it comes to in-cabin cleanliness. Courtesy Etihad

Almost 60 per cent of respondents said social distancing on flights was a top priority when travelling, and just over half of those surveyed said air quality was a concern.

Access to enough face masks, hand sanitiser and disinfecting wipes on flights was also a big concern, with nearly half of those surveyed citing it as a top priority.

The survey questioned more than 700 people across North America and Asia. Everyone surveyed is a regular traveller for either business or pleasure, and the majority were between the ages of 25 and 44.

Tech-approved cleanliness

Passengers say they are also putting their faith in technology when it comes to cleanliness in the air. More than 60 per cent of respondents said they had more confidence in technology being used for seating-area-related cleanliness than other methods such as having cleaning supplies given directly to passengers or being updated on methods by cabin crew.

Honeywell's Aerospace division supplies technology to commercial, defence and space aircraft across the world, and the company is working on new solutions.

“This survey demonstrates that passengers want high-tech solutions to best validate the entire travel experience as it relates to health and safety,” said Kevin Suits, vice president, user experience, Honeywell Aerospace.